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You lost everything all again because of Ida. He just gave you rebuild, again and again and now But our families from there I I suppose I just If I lost everything. Everything. In a hurricane. And I realize I'm living in an area where every late summer early fall this August September time frame when it's hurricane season. Every year. At this time, there's a possibility I could lose it all again. I would say no, thanks. I will move north. Because there really is no other weather phenomenon like hurricane that. Could truly wipe out everything you own and everything you have on an annual basis. You get tornadoes. I realized there are tornado alleys in the Midwest and in the Plains states and things like that, But Yeah, yeah. I mean, there's no other than a hurricane. I don't know what else does it So now we will watch Larry. Where else could the factors in the Saints play? Don't know. Hopefully that does not get disrupted. Speaking of weather, as Mike just got done, saying, we are monitoring this strong line of thunderstorms that is working its way. Into southeastern Wisconsin. All kinds of crazy pictures. Some people have been texting in photos of hail. Golf ball size. Hail baseball size hail up in the Appleton area, so a strong line of storms passing through right now, most of you who are listening to me, you're experiencing it or you have experienced it. Or you will in the next few minutes. It is kind of moving quickly, though. So that is some good news. Um, uh, The Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Washington, Sheboygan. Fonda lack Dodge and Jefferson was just canceled, for example, so Milwaukee. Walkinshaw, Um Till 12.

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