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They had a a resolution on the floor to honor openly. And that's normal. That's that's that's a s. o. P. standard operating procedure in the senate and as they were about to adopt the resolution. He had openly come up onto the dyas with him and address the senate. I've never seen that no matter who no matter who it was had never saw and i would say in this case. It's appropriate right. They're talking about somebody who's a living legend. So here's some of what she had to say when she made her way to the front microphone flap guest. i'm home. People know that our getting june teeth to be a national holiday is we seem not a me thing but a we think and so much more to so much law also talked about The fact that in her in her opinion her estimation there should be a healthcare for all texans and for all americans and a few other things the things that i don't think lieutenant governor patrick has supported or things that i think the i. I'm not sure that he that he knew she was going to say anything like that. When he gave her the microphone But as this was unfolding and this is Really interesting and just a. It's an exercise in in in contrast Only in the texas senate would a black icon. Be honored at the moment. Black man is kicked out of the proceedings As openly and lieutenant governor. Patrick were talking. There was this gentleman who's up in the gallery where we have been restricted to as media as well up in the gallery. There was a a black gentleman who was upset about some of the texas policies that he says hurting black people and patrick had the state troopers. Remove the guy One of my followers on twitter was in the gallery at the moment. Captured the video of this guy. Yelling at dan patrick and you can hear some of what he was saying state..

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