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And i'm like why everybody's known. We have way too many heels on an xt emails female heels. There's no mercedes martinez. Tony storm Gonzales to koci My opinion casey conan's auto keating carter or what kiera hogan ended tasha steals. Wanna be not. Okay yeah i can see that. Like what are you know i tell the audience. Anything about tasha steals. Oh man but you know what. She's gotten a lot better though. I'm not gonna lie but still there's something and trash. Yeah but like you said it's still. There's i don't know she got a lot better from what we used to see. What we saw in the indies too. Now so you went from. I don't know a garbage to recyclable. I guess down. So i'll that's hopeless. Show tasha refugee yourself. You're not garbage and recycling booked for the show and i never did an fucking. It was czar. When kate carter facing tony stormy mercedes martinez as a matter of fact i live. I said you look like somebody's on right. She says well. I'm sorry you just looked like somebody's on that. yeah. I don't even know what that means. I just said that. I was at a show and then i was like. Wow you like somebody's on one fucking shit a One on you're an asshole we had it was it was no match but of course the casey's were fighting from the bottom of the match just getting through because you know mercedes in stormer that one of the top heels in the division right now got a hot tag from carter Katie delivered an incredible. Finish the top rope and they ended up winning another upset win. Ladies and gentlemen is carter and cutting the kc's In my opinion are the the most jeld team in the tournament day. They're always together. They're they're always working together. So i'm happy to see. Tony mercedes are a good force. But they're just not a real team so it didn't make sense. I came back what happened. You know she attacked Mercedes martinez ja throughout the table. Very interesting so yeah Arise back you oversee mercedes and finally the kickoff annex t the capital of the fire pit match read you. Watch the fight pitt. Yes i did take it away. What do you think Not going to say that. It was better than matt riddle one but i have to say that when you see this is a two men should look like when they fight. It's two men chopper. Growing his hair out. Oh no he needs to know. It's it's it's not a good. Look bro so i don't know no bueno. But man man. he's almost looking like fucking what's his name hogan with that shit. Should the fight pit match. Follow thatcher wherever he goes sherpa his exclusive match. Should it be his. You wanna go. Should it be. Hayes like punjabi prison match..

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