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Can enter it a participating bay area roundtable pizza location of forest billion correct we don't get any of those and there's a bunch and amiss i beg your pardon i ruled it a button i miss the plane on fire brian nights that he did not on it then on appeal the first base umpire gerry davis also said he didn't at it anybody who thinks that he it that one is blind at an idiot here's the one what pitch lookout high type were they auspey pitch and it's two in one riyobi's might start to take this a little personally you had the curveball come over his head his first time up where he had to drop the bat and almost hit the deck to get out of the way now that one and that one also eighty one miles an hour that might have ben occurred didn't do much curbing here's the pitch now and as well when outside wow called the ball but that one according to the computer strike zone that was in there on the outside bob asadabad is on deck with some rj do up next so marga having throw ninety pitches in four innings here's the pitch and that's high anti war four rookies hernandez who doesn't walk very often but he gets a walk here when the giants really need baserunners and here comes pablo sandoval and let me say pablo put on a show during batting practice tonight.

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