Joe Biden, Wisconsin, Going Island discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Storming of key states today, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nebraska scheduled today. Joe Biden, emerging late yesterday to say he's picking up the pace of his campaign in this last week, Going Island, Wisconsin going to Georgia going to Florida on maybe other places as well. Biden continuing to claim the administration's Corona virus response was deficient as the number of reported US cases spike. The U. S. Is averaging 70,000 new Corona virus cases each day and broke Eckerd's With more than 83,000 On Friday and Saturday. Paso, Texas has opened a temporary hospital of the Civic Centre to handle an influx of patients. The county judge has imposed a 10 PM curfew that carries a $500 fine for violations. Cases are rising from the Texas border to the farms of Minnesota, according to news reports. In Utah. Some mothers are taking to social media urging parents against testing their Children in an effort to keep Koven numbers artificially low so that schools can remain open. Jonathan Serrie after hitting door steps in Utah every morning for nearly a century and a half the Salt Lake City Tribune announcing it will stop printing a daily paper thie.

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