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You can reach like seventy five percent of the us within a day's drive from indianapolis east and so we. We were benefiting from this We're benefiting from jus- general stability. I mean the midwest is known for being a very stable place to invest We've got higher. Cash flows than if you're investing in those hotter markets because our cap rates are relatively higher. What that means is you're buying it a relatively better value. Severe cash will invest. You're gonna get better cash flow and we're still like i said i describe seeing incredible appreciation at the level of thirty percent in over nine months. So i think there's a lot of positives in the midwest the midwest is just stoically been kind of overlooked. You hear a lot of the news about people moving to the sun bell and moving to other places like to me. That's okay. I prefer people continue to compete down those markets and disdain our little pocket up here love it love it. You also really talk about kind of the benefit or advantage of buying smaller properties versus or. Maybe it's the advantage over buying smaller properties of. Can you talk about that. Sure it looks. Small is relative so small to me is like anything under one hundred fifty units today so a lot of the properties that we've been buying And really leveraging our local relationships to go direct to seller or long-term broker relationships in some of the more local folks and again avoid the competition go directly to the source are your thirty fifty seventy unit properties Where their long term. You know mom and pop style owners right where we know. There's a clear value add Where we can come in. And we know they're under market rent immediately bring them up to market and we know there's a clear value prop there and so we've had a lot of success in these types of properties Because those are properties that the larger players mentioned the reads and everybody else. They're not going after because they all play in the two hundred unit plus space which again increases the competition that two hundred plus space so we found nice pocket below. That were again. We're clearing the of that competition. We can be a very competitive buyer. Because i'd say were were more sophisticated than the groups that are maybe ha- had ten units and now they're trying to get their first fifty or something right. We've got a solid track record and we can be very compelling buyer than environment versus again competing with the larger institutions in the world so that pocket about thirty to one hundred fifty units We've seen better value profiles or better return profiles on those investments in soviet. We've we've got this kind of sweet spot where can hear it's excellent. Well let our listeners. Now if they did reach out to you for more information if they were interested in finding out more about the investments that you have With hudson investing how can they connect with you and do they need to be an accredited investor. Yeah good question so You could reach can't redder dot com. You.

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