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Street journal reporting shows that facebook has one set of rules for the famous and powerful and another set for the rest of its users. An internal company program called crosscheck allows posts by high profile users that violate facebook's policies to receive extra layers of review and the potential for special treatment. The program covers pretty much. Anyone who regularly appears in the media or has a substantial online following including actors talk show host academics and online personalities documentation reviewed by the wall street journal shows crosscheck covered at least five eight million users in twenty twenty. The information revealed is part of wsj. Investigative series called the facebook files based on an extensive array of internal facebook communications reviewed by wsj reporters and interviews with dozens of current and former employees. That show facebook is aware it's platforms are riddled with flaws that cause harm to users but is often unwilling or unable to address them joining us to discuss how this program works and why facebook set it up is a reporter justin check. He's part of the facebook files. Investigative team high. Justin for having me so justin. Let's start off with how this program works. What happens when one of the accounts. On facebook's cross checklist post something. That violates one of facebook's rules will in theory it's supposed to be subject to special review so if i posted something that was in flagrant violation of the rules it would automatically taken down and if it was in violation of a particularly serious rule like the rule against revenge porn which will come later. My account might be taken down automatically whereas people on the crush checklist go to special review but sometimes the special review appears not to happen. People in the crush. Checklists can just sort of post off and it'll either stay up indefinitely or for some period of time rather than being instantly taken down even if it. Blatantly violates facebook rules.

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