Barack Obama, Raul Castro, President Trump discussed on All In with Chris Hayes


Long human rights list of violations on the part of the north korean so that's true i just don't know if it's the best negotiating tactic to confront that head on before getting through some of this other stuff i mean i inclined to gree actually i just want this is something that you had said about when you're critiquing president obama meeting with route costra which is a somewhat similar situation no nuclear weapon there i want to just play what you had to say is critique which represented a lot of republican party critique of that diplomatic efforts lesson the castro regime is made up a bed intolerance dangerous people if president obama wants to help oppress cuban people he doesn't have to kiss the ring raul castro in the process when the president was sitting there with role castro and thinking to myself you are not equals with this man do you understand what people feel like there's maybe some bad faith or w standard here the negotiation with cuba you have cuban people who have long been oppressed there are issues yeah except here with regards to cuba we were making dozens of concessions and not getting the reciprocating so that was a big issue sitting there as equals though congressman because because we were sitting down with the cubans and we were making dozens of concessions again not yeah but president trump wasn't sitting down with kim jong hoon and making dozens of concessions not asking for anything return additionally let's just say president trump did sit down right to make dozens of concessions with kim jong hoon my problem with that situation is that kim jong hoon similarly to the castro family they won't deliver that sanctions relief to their oppressed people the way the system is in place in north korea similar situation is a cuba it's as at the top and it doesn't help the people so my that's got to be the eventually that's got to be the roadmap right i mean the point of all this is going to be some quid pro quo if this is gonna work out yeah i just i the cuban example and there are other nations where we have had negotiations past.

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