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Abu blocker al-baghdadi was sort of spore jd at camp buka detention center that the us military maintain iraq. He wants quits to the commander of that prison. Who told this to my old day with these colleague. My daily ge in new york when he was about to get out. And that's what. I need i also mean how the war on terror. Read to a generation of suspicion. Surveillance law enforcement intrusion To the point of policing informants inside houses of worship of us muslim communities. There are many many stories of children shortly after nine eleven being called samba telling people in absolute fear that they were supposed to go back to where they came from police presence. Just in a neighborhood in brooklyn where i live became so intrusive from both federal authorities like the immigration authorities and the fbi but also the local nypd that hundreds of people fled their homes and there became pretty strong Moving from new york migratory movement. pockets donnie muslims from brooklyn into canada because of this The nypd set up a vast network of surveillance of even student groups among muslims throughout the intervening twenty years that had to be exposed By the associated press vengeance mantle And then the machinery of the war on terror very quickly became through You know bureaucratic prophecies that are primarily driven by financial considerations The property of Police departments around the country Who kitted themselves up Thanks to counterterrorism money in alliston that looked more and more military with Things like acoustic weapons And surveillance tools. They had previously did The report the the property of the us military and use them against for the last. You know seven years in particular black lives matter. Protesters quickly as well Under the trump administration The as we saw in the summer of twenty twenty The institutions of the war on terror The department of homeland security in particular and also the joint terrorism task forces that are federal local police partnerships and intelligence. Sharing operations turned their attention. And ira and source on..

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