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You don't have to take your wife or your husband date nights survive. Those are all to thrive ride but i don't think any as you said listening to your podcast mastermind that whether it's societal conditioning or just the or have we've evolved off to want to thrive. I don't i don't exactly know maybe it's a little bit of oh. It's definitely both but we're not. We don't want to survive in rest anymore. We actually actually want to thrive. We're measuring success on a scale of one to ten. I said this is the miracle morning on a scale of one to ten in every area. We want level ten success. We want level ten health level ten happiness level ten relationships. We want level tin financial freedom right nobody wants. Nobody wants to settle like. I don't wanna be happier to healthy or to wealthy now. We want level ten so we now want to thrive and in order to do that. You have to overcome your innate. Inborn programmed human nature sure to simply survive and rest if we can go into the miracle equation. Is that piece because you read it. You read that passage what i realized prices with the miracle morning. Do i believe that personal development is the foundation of success absolutely and it may it's based on a gym quote. Your level of success will sell them senior level of personal development because success is something you attract by the person you become in other words. You want to achieve success. You have to develop the qualities. The characteristics driss ticks the mindset the knowledge skills the habits you do that during your miracle morning like you read from the book. You can develop yourself to level tan then but still not do anything with it. In fact we often get tricked into thinking that the personal development alone is enough. We're like oh. I'm learning. I'm growing. I'm becoming better yeah you but you're not getting out of your living room. You're not doing anything outside of surviving at your job that you're in. It pays the bills the minimum minimum to get by. You're not thriving and that's where the miracle question came into play. Is that while the miracle. Morning is your daily practice for personal development. You've you've got to follow that up with a daily process for goal achievement and that's what the miracle equation. It's well and you just. I mean highly highly ziegler risk there in his famous quote of new ideas. You said that but we need new voices but i am saying you've got to be the right person. Folks who listen to this show no. I know that we can be the right person to do the right things to an essence. Have what we want be do happen. We hear tom talk about that so much today. Hey france hence. Thanks for tuning in to the ziglar show. I don't even have to wonder if you're getting value from my talk with hal elrod guaranteed. My next question for him comes from page sixty four in the miracle morning. We're how states the more vivid you make your vision the more compelled you'll be to take the necessary actions to make it a reality and i asked ask him if he feels this really is the foundation of getting us a step forward in taking action and he.

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