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E on michael rose your live from the 24hour kfi news roma la county says they can do more to try to control air pollution the county's board of supervisors has begun to investigate whether it can have legal authority over factories refineries or gas storage facilities supervisory janice on says the county can close restaurants when there are public health hazards i was just wondering if we can do the same thing with these kinds of companies and i think we should be able to state law his typically given airquality authority to regional enforcement groups like the aqmd county lawyers will report back on what is possible in a few weeks in la eric leonard kfi find news agents been arrested for the murder of a college student from wilmington the nineteen year old was shot outside a hollywood halloween party october 28th la police say it was not a gang party but there were few members of wrinkle of rival gangs at the gathering the teen arrested has been charged with murder three ucla basketball players have been arrested in china just hours before president trump's expected rival abc's alex stone says one of those players is connected to a famous athlete lee angelo ball is a younger brother of la lakers player lonzo ball the angelo into other ucla players have been arrested in china just days before friday's seasonopening game against georgia tacky in shanghai all three players were arrested on shoplifting charges ucla is released a statement saying it's aware of the situation in cooperating fully with chinese authorities the la charges in the nonprofit team smile have held a.

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