Propublica, Brian, Ac Thompson discussed on On Point with Tom Ashbrook | Podcasts - What's Going On With White Supremacy?


Face that we will see the other front will be these sort of manifestations of street protests that in many cases are going to be designed to be a sorta streetbattle and get people's attention that way by having a sort of violent altercation a is there a science is there a correct way to respond to that we've heard people say you know ignore them uh on the other hand this is white supremacy right now laps yeah i mean i there's no there's no corrector way to to deal with this everyone's going to have a different approach to i mean i honestly think that one thing and i think brian sorta hinted at this that's important to do is to actually listen to people and to have a dialogue because i think there are a lot of people that have legitimate grievances they feel like you know economic globalization has left them behind that's a real thing they feel like hey there's this opioid crisis and no one's helping us that's a real thing and so i think one thing it's important is to to have these conversations with folks and to try to move ahead on on issues that people can agree on and do it before in august locked into skin color conversation exactly exactly of course it already is about skin color conversation now we've ignore too many things too long to here we are ac thompson has done tremendous reporting on all this the series for propublica is called documenting hate the collaborative more than one hundred newsrooms putting together reports from around the country you can read his reporting and others from the documenting hate site link to that our website on point radio dot org a c who travelled to reno today to talk with us for grateful for that and thank you very much for.

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