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Switches to wander in and it's got some work for the first time in the source has a pretty decent stress punch a lot of lot of her races self one four and six in the first race for the early pick five go a mile in the second half of all eight to five in the morning line for live it well and one Hernandez still be avoid the number five Kilowog cross back to the twelve five not winners after losing by a note of that level on turf November third was clean that day by as he drove to mail the step way up to the start allowance to little bit over over had now raised right back down the right level obviously obviously a contender eight to five also can use number for Loretta this source ran a good race after she was clean for eight thousand by Holly Evans and force the pace and in this field there's not much speed Loretta Mike at the lease here and I had the user just just for that reason cell number four and five in the second race hi moving on to the race number three with all models sixteen were nice thirty two thousand dollar purse here of fillies and mares and to the one on number three Rainey's lady as your favorite yeah there's these four three the source came out of the Miss America stakes in which many lady at twenty seven to one came storming at the end and the only witness by three quarters of a length as the R. was in that race and finished fifth the intruder cell was in that race and finished eighth but to resolve only lost by two and three quarter lengths while the nation eight I watched a replay that race to see how much trouble Rainey's lady got into the says she was blocked at the eight ball I she was able to run pretty much the way she wanted to all the way so wasn't that much trouble the worse it really didn't have a great trip was true to herself who was in between horses and behind ours is most of the way down the backstretch was kinda rank in the in the one she ran I think this outside poses gonna help for it in this race and she has the best speed looks like to me so I'm just gonna go ahead and single true were self and hope she gets doesn't get stuck behind any horses and can run freely and I think she might just go wire to wire so singly number five shooting herself in the third in race number for a eight to five they were number five many moods Juan Hernandez so bored in this race for four year olds and up yep the source obviously has the best speed one wire to wire that added four thousand restricted even those forces dropping down a little bit and claiming price to thirty two hundred this is actually a better feel because this is an open thirty two per source the when a lot of races can be in here and lolly sources of wondershare races so I'm gonna use many moves as a pace then we should still be still be on leave and if he gets caught I'm thinking it's going to be number four smoke and burn the to do that smoking burn ran exactly this kind of race last time only lost by a link the third place for some memories came back to win next time out Catalina Martinez on a big role in five winners last Sunday in the source comes from just off the pace pretty consistent for cheap force any use for five in the fourth race moving on to raise five for the early pick five with low miles sixteen or seventeen thousand dollar purse and this is Luke warm favored sheer flattery with Juan Hernandez on the for over off shore the six at seven to two you know all these horses ran the same race December fifteenth.

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