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If we're driving down the freeway and your car I always had that window cracked you know it was always Maybe one day you know. I can always seen the better. I was doing In sobriety that window would crack a little more like. Oh i can handle it. This time you know this is crazy straw and we say it's cunning and baffling really is because just when you're at the bottom of the barrel and and you're looking up and you're thinking well you know i do anything. Just get this out of my system. Don't give me take away. The willingness to drink or or or the the craving to drink we forget how bad it really is until we go down that rabbit hole yet. And i had finally got tired of going down those radicals and reach out for help. I i work a program. I continue to work a program in recovery And i truly have had a Change that. I can't explain i i don't wanna say it's magic but It's faith based i keep god at the center of my program and It has really worked for me. And and i. I have a lotta friends and i say this all the time. Eighty percent of my friends before We're not so people and twenty percent were. It seems like in the last three years. That's kind of flipped and in eighty percent of my interactions and eighty percent of my friends are sober and doing some sort of program in recovery. And i still have my buddies. You know. I got a lot of buddies that drink. Drink socially you know just because somebody has had some beers or has drinks and make doesn't make them like me you know that's what makes this world around but i don't know i think service has been a big part of me being of service Talking to another alcoholic really really On a daily basis reaching out. You know when. I'm not feeling right or there's something off and I'm just really happy where i am right now. I failed enough times in in in Sobriety to know that I don't have this thing. This isn't like i've got the rest of my life. And i've i've got enough experience on the failing side that i don't wanna do that anymore. So for me it's not an option anymore And i truly believe that. God has taken away the craving to drink alcohol and i can honestly say in like once again referring to thirty nine months Because of what i feel is the grace of god. I have not Even thought one. It hasn't even been a fleeting thought. You know we talk about in in some programs that we have fleeting thoughts. And that's what they are. They're fleeting thoughts and you if you do the right things Those those thoughts go away. I haven't had a fleeting thought. But i'm also not naive enough to know to think the rest of my life. That might not be there. But at this point in my life i think i have the the the tools to deal with them if they do pop up. But it's been a wild ride But but you know. Feel very blessed. I have four wonderful kids that i get to be a sober present dad with i. I know they appreciate it I get to be a good friend in a reliable friend and That for some dark times in my life or for some you know four or five or six year period. That always the case. And it wasn't. Because i was a bad guy and i didn't want to show up there. It's just that's how we behave when we're in our disease and I've done that a long a long enough of time as many times as i. I never wanna do that again. What i tell you. I'm going to be there whether it be a friend or a family member..

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