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And will that you man, we have the mind of Jesus Christ the early church apostles and Ed only church had the mind of Christ the bible. Said they were in one mind of one accord, one heart and one soul. Neither said any out the things which he possessed was his own will listen at what Paul the apostle said the mind new Christ was look not every man also on the things of others of his own. But also in the things of others look for the needs of other liquid others have need up, and it is amazing how Christians get filled with such so much, selfishness and greed until what others need means nothing at all. Well, we've got to have the mind of Christ. Because the warns in Rome is the chapter that Christians can be currently minded, and he says in Romans eight verses six and seven to be currently minded his death. But these spiritually minded is live in peace. Why because the Colonel mine is enmity against God is an enemy of God. It is not subject to the love. God neither indeed can be you cannot obey God unless you have a spiritual man, and so many people today. Day in the church of Jesus Christ are truly Colonel Paul wrote to the church, you've got it Corinth in first Corinthians. The third chapter said, 'i Brennan could not speak unto you as dispirito. But as an karnal even as an babes in Christ. It was a church. It was the one of the early churches of the apostles. And he said, I can't talk to you you brethren in people in the church, like, your spiritual your carnal, your your flesh Lee, your worldly minded, you're not happy. You don't have the minor Jesus Christ. You like a bunch of babies playing said, I've fade you a milk and not with meat for hitherto. You are not able to bear it. Neither yet are you? Now able for Ye are yet karnal for whereas among you envy, and strife and divisions. Are you not carnal and walk his men? Yes. They had a carnal mine and the churches today are full of karnal minded Christians. Again, the apostle wrote in Rome is the twelfth chapter. I two he said being. Not conformed to this world. Don't take on the styles and the fashions of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is good and acceptable and perfect will have gone when the Lord comes to us in creates in a new person that I just told you about a read to you there. From officials a fourth chapter be renewed in the spirit of your mind. And that you put on the new man put on the new man which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. Well, when that man is created within us he has the mind of Christ. And here's what makes it possible because you can't just have a heart. That's been changed the pure in heart experience with God, you've got to have that mind renewed you've got to have it purified. You've got to have it Spiritualized. And it must be like Christ the mind of Christ in. Here's how it all happens, ladies and gentlemen in Hebrews chapter. Beginning in verse ten the bible says this is a covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days at the Lord, I will put my laws into their mind and write them in their hearts, and I will be to them a God. And they show beat me up people. All right. That's the first maintenance that Paul the apostle has that great, and wonderful spiritual law that God puts in our hearts. All right over in the tenth chapter beginning in verse eight Alrighty says here when when I come says, I'll come to do that will. Oh god. And give them another covenant. All right. God is we've been adopted into the covenant that the Lord gave to Israel. We don't have one of our own. So he says in verse sixteen Hebrew stand. Visit a covenant that I will make with them after those days, Seth the Lord, I will put my laws into their hearts and in their minds will write them and their sends an iniquitous will. I remember no more to be spirits. Minded we must have the laws of God written in our hearts. I believe two people forget what God did for them when they receive Christ. If they really receive Christ at all, they're not mimicry or hypocrites than they know there's something there happened to them. That's just not accidental is not something incidentally, either. It's something that happened that God has promised in the bible and explains in the bible, and let us know what actually happens to us when we're Christian. And here's what happens to the average Christian when he becomes carnally minded and not spiritual minded, which leads to death. He feels his mind with a bunch of sewage from the television or from videos, or rotten magazines, or is is is out here looking in lusting the opposite sex until he's minus continually on things that are wurley and carnal and corrupt. And that leads you into the position that the bible said, you have a carnal mine. In the karnal bind is inmates he against God. And it is not subject to the law of God. Neither indeed can be you cannot walk with God. When you got an old carnal, man. I don't care. What church you belong to any times you've been baptized? It's something else. People get around and fooling around and get their minds all messed up with some karnal less full appetite to the flesh. And there is is just pouring of blowing into their mind filth and sewage and corruption that comes through television, and all pornographic literature and mass the bible tells us, oh, Lord, it's such beautiful scripture in Filipions the fourth chapter and verse eight and this is from the apostle Paul. He said finally brethren finally whatsoever. Things are true whatsoever. Things are honest whatsoever. Things are just whatsoever. Things are pure whatsoever. Things a lovely what's over things have good report if the bane of our two, and if they're being phrase think on these. These things and that is a list that we can keep our minds upon things that appear and honest and true and just in lovely good report that will keep our mind on the Lord and in the will of the Lord and make us spiritually minded that. We're not being led to death. But we're led to ever lasting life through the word of God. Shall we? Pray father in the name of Jesus I pray that you'd grant mercy and compassion because the only way for a Christian to turn himself and get right with God is to repent this business of rededicate and your life, and all that mess unless you repent you have it rededicated your life. I hear so much of that rededicate my alive. Did you repent? They don't even know nothing about repentance. And I pray that you convict Hartson lead them to fashioned repentance and divine favor in Jesus name. And amen. This is brother. Eight pringle. Our mailing address is word of prophecy. Fellowship post office box can two hundred Jacksonville Florida, three two two. Oh, seven well. Ladies and gentlemen, is blessed black bound book. I'm like, George Washington. He said it's impossible to govern the world without God in the bible. President ABRAHAM LINCOLN setup believes the Bible's of this gift got ever gave to man I agree with him wholeheartedly, and we need your support helps us preach the incorruptible uncompromising word of God to this nation..

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