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From WVU are Boston and NPR Meghna charter body, and this is on point earlier this month eighteen year old behalf Muhammed. Oh, Kanoun escaped her Saudi Arabian family, barricaded herself in a Bangkok hotel room and through social media made one request to the world island to asylum. I'll canoe told of the conditions. She endured as Saudi woman abuse. She says she suffered at the hands of her father and brother, for example, the time she says she was locked in her room for six months for having her haircut. The wrong way. I'll Kanoun was ultimately granted asylum in Canada now under Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin salon the country actually has made some of our much of its recent modernizing efforts allowing women to drive cars in the ten sporting events, for example, but I'll Conan story again highlights how those modernizing efforts may be just window-dressing distracting from the persistence of the kingdom's ultra conservative gender. Rules. And the fact that soman says while he's modernizing he's also jailing some of the nation's most high-profile women's rights activists. So this hour on point we want to take a look at life for women in Saudi Arabia now, and you can join us. What do you make of behalf? All canoeing story. Are you concerned about human rights and Saudi Arabia? What role? Do you think the United States should play regarding the rights of women in the kingdom? And if you're from Saudi Arabia or have family there, we'd especially like to hear from you, your thoughts your stories. Join us at anytime on point radio dot org, or Twitter and Facebook and on point radio..

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