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Pro football talk live joining us now. You want to jump in on this mike. No one of the reasons. I have money wasted waste gambling. I i go back and forth on this too. It's a beautiful mystery. It's what aaron rodgers wants us to bank. He wants to not. No i think the packers specifically the ceo mark murphy doesn't want him to show up. I think he daring him to not show up. I think that's the only way to make sense of that. Gratuitous remark made last week calling him make complicated fellow works. I didn't murphy would rather move jordan. Love save thirty five million dollars in salary and it would give bonus money back from aaron rodgers to worry about in playing for the broncos or anyone else making them look stupid now they can trade him after the season but i think at this point murphy you attach to a lot of type protest. He'd have to say yeah. I'd rather not show up this year. And maybe that. Five knicks aaron rodgers. More determined to show up. But you wanna trade him. Don't you to get something for him so you wouldn't. You wouldn't do anything now. You would wait until after the season. I think at this point you get more. After the season you get more teams to be like man in two thousand twelve ten teams. I easily have ten teams after the season right now. You got the broncos. Maybe the raiders. Maybe the raiders said all the right things about their car but if aaron rodgers becomes available and you're looking at him going to the broncos how did not make a phone call is for no reason to drive up the price the broncos after pay but but after the season when we have another i was gonna say two hundred and fifty six. It's now two hundred. Seventy two games teams will look at their quarterbacks. Gotta get rid of that guy. Oh aaron rodgers is available. Let's get line and try to get you. I'm just trying to understand the timing of all of this. Mike that if you're rogers jimmy rogers side of this that what. What is the endgame for him. This year well. I find it fascinating. Dan guys like james jones. Who played with rodgers. Still talk to rogers. I more importantly talks to them after they do media and say what rogers said think. Rod was little puppet mastery through guys like james jones. He says it's fixable. It's fixable will okay then the fix it. Tell us what it's gonna take to fix it. What does it take. I i don't know and i told you on friday. I think this is a high stakes. Pr battle where each side is trying to make the other side. Look like the bad guy. And i just think right now. Reminders wants to create chaos. What was one of the batman movie. Some men just like a see the world burn you. Think rogers just trying to make the front office of the packers park. It's one thing that he says. He loves everything about green bay. He loves the tradition. he loves the fans. He loves the coaching staff. He loves his teammates. So what if you don't like somebody in management and and if if it is fixable then what is it that needs to be fixed is what i want to know because you can't undrafted jordan love. That's not fixable unless you say we're going to trade him and they don't wanna do that. Here's your poll question for today. Yes or no. Is there someone in management at your workplace that overwhelmingly. Yes and you still show up every day. So it's not a to deal with mark murphy in the locker room and i would advise mark murphy and cuts to avoid the locker room the cracks this year unless they're going to work cops but i just. You're there with your teammates. You're there with your head coach there for the fans i just. The whole thing is is pr driven and who knows what aaron rodgers plots and. That's where he wants. He wants us talking about it and he wants to reserve the right to say. Why are you talking about. But i don't know what the end game is mike. Is he willing to sit out and not play football this year. Does he want to be traded. Like at some point you have to get to now. Let's sit down and discuss what's going to happen here. Is he just going to show up and play football this year and actors. If none of this happened. I thought for a long time that that's what he would do. Does he would show up and basically said what's what's the big deal. Is there a google unaware of weiser. Everyone looking at me and act like it's a media creation because this is our fall on create the template that we react to. And it's our offer reacting to it but i just really truly don't know and i change my mind all the time and i think i am a victim of what he's trying to create. It would be very easy for him to say what he wants how he wants it. He doesn't have to pakistan's get upset with me. Or more accurately aaron rodgers fans get upset with me when i say he should tell people what he wants. No it doesn't have to but when you don't you create these situations where we ended up obsessing over what the guy wants because for whatever reason you won't scream. He's mike florio pro football talk. Live co host with chris simms. You've got what less than two weeks for the veterans to show up two weeks today. What's going to happen with to shawn watson. is he eligible to show up for training camp. This is a great question that has taken a back seat to the aaron rodgers. Drama and nick caserio. The gm of the texans was on radio in houston yesterday and he said the talking points have been for weeks now. They're not saying anything about watson et cetera but at the end of the answer he said as we get closer training. Camp will make the best decision that we can in the interests of the houston. Texas i i think that the texans been and i know that the texas have been hoping that the twenty two lawsuits pending against shawn watson would be settled. Because if they're settled you're able to trade watson and you're able to get a lot for intra that that's the thing that teams are are waiting to have go away if they can properly resolve cases and i've been an advocate of the shots facing the music. Having his reckoning making these twenty two individuals feel like they've got justice had their quasi day in court. Write the check and move on with your life and then he can be traded. There's a possible that texans are going to have to make a decision without the cases being settled. Would you do with the shawn watson as training camp for iraq's you trade him for whatever you can get which is a lot less if the twenty two cases pending or do you let him show because i think he will show up gives me gets put on paid. Leave which people think will happen. Texas have to pay ten million dollars to not play for them this year. So the texans. They have to ask if the case is settled. Do we just take whatever we can get. Bargain-basement deal to trade watts or do we run the risk of pain in ten minutes and the other side of exude and since we're talking about this earlier debt at some point the league. I think ots watson the texans at any team. That would wanna trae for watts to give people an inkling of what they're snagging argue put on paid leave. You know they. They they had.

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