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A g c come tend to get points seconds in sprints. And so should breakaway when great just kinda save ourselves Rudy on TV sales for wall, then what's the overall invasion? What's your personal goal this week to be honest? I'm having arrest after this, so it's kinda just like a consolidation of the first block. And just that race as just keep on denies that really. Hi, I'm Elliott. I'm a cyclist. I race all kinds of bikes mountain bike marathon, get Chris road races downhill enduro, too. I write about journalist. I'm a blogger video maker cycling coach and guide, I suppose Skoda's campaign to close the gender gap in cycling. This is our time. I'd like see more women riding bikes, mainly because I want move into ride with, and I want more women racing because the more women at racist, the more fun is for everyone, but also kind of feel like I get to enjoy this really, really cool thing, and all the women aren't experiencing a night, I think they should be missing out. So I'll do anything I can to get more women involved. I mean, every time I go to race me and my mates all he's trying to recruit more female races. But yeah I mean not just for racing though. I just think women should be riding bikes for. It's not a while pushing yourself it can just be just for recreation as well. Thank you very much indeed, to Skoda for support thing, cycling podcast Femina, again, they did last year and give a lovely Carlos year and they've given us a lovely car again this different car. What do you think of color? It's great. The usual unusual, but quite grown Amee three. Find myself embarrassingly cliche. Whenever people talk about cars because somebody asked you earlier. What kind of Skoda we have an I was like? It's about as far as I go on for. Why we don't know the color of the Skoda all all day. I didn't is because we right at the airport. Oh, yeah. By Richard Moore in his fancy Shkoder code Skoda. And he didn't turn up so Thome carry of the telegraph. Airport because. Head. I was listening to really good podcasts. Can be landed two yards two and a half is lit because my flight was delayed thinking, oh, per Richard will be waiting for me at the more God loves, you know, his little island to message saying, oh my, my son, just told me that I won't be there for another, however long. I'm stuck in horrendous traffic. Minute by minute. As his arrival time, go minute later but is assume given that he was supposed to be at the airport at dot say Susan be stuck in them twenty five or something. It's only when toll picked us up that he informed us that he was he was messing us from London bridge over tar bridge, he hadn't even left London. Southland. The scuba sprouted wings. I don't think he would ever made on, but you would just enjoying yourself, yet, putting the good Skoda's. Cards. We don't mind being stuck in traffic is come this far? No longer this. We'd love to know. Nighted phoolan..

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