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NBC News Radio's Mark Mayfield coming up here on Colorado's Morning news. We get the latest on the transition taking place in Washington in about Operation work, speed, all the politics all the science. It's coming up in a moment. We'll talk with ABC News is recline right now. The drive checking over John Morrissey. Starting to see that he's bound to 70 Dr. Load up a little bit right around York you drive this morning for the most part is pretty good. We got a light dusting for the most part around the metro area, but things very greatly from one side of town to the other. This morning, you'll see more snow up against the foothills to the west of town. So a very slick Dr West to see 4 70 getting into the foothills. We've had some chain laws and traction laws long that I 70 drive and along to 85, some of them have been dropped. The traction laws were dropped on to 85 between sea forces. Nobody and Pine Junction. So that's an indication that the plow crews are doing the job getting out there getting it done and making it a better drive. But you could still run into a slick spot for sure around the metro area, bridges and ramps, for example, and certainly West of C 4 70 heading up into the foothills that includes that drive on US six heading up the Black Hawk. On 1 19 heading up from Boulder. Also, you drive on 36 boulder up toward lions, Northern Colorado. Probably got a little bit more snow than we did so round four Collins Loveland Long month out toward Greely up toward the state line. Wyoming state line Definitely gonna be slicker. You're gonna run into some fog two up in the mountains down toward Douglas County. A slicker drive a little bit higher in elevation. So from C 4 70 south on I 25 But pay most attention to your bridges and Rams this morning. We're doing pretty good. As far as accidents go, haven't seen any big problems. There is one problem when I 70 the Bedford sports traffic, So that's a closure of westbound. I 70 in West Glenwood. That's a crash. Their semi flipped over. But for us in the Metro area, pretty decent drive. We got some snow overnight, not a ton. And definitely going to be a possibility of a slick spot, but not a superstar full on slick drive. This report is sponsored by Was there a credit union Want to be more proactive about your financial life Right now? Explore your finances with a virtue or in person financial check If it was sterile and then explore Colorado to.

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