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Again. Yes. On July 4th 17 76. The 13 colonies claimed their independence from England. An event which eventually led to the formation of the United States each year on the fourth of July, also known as Independence Day, America celebrates this historic Event. Uh, Convent and Continental Congress and Flood Olivia Philadelphia in summer of 17 76. In a June 7th. Session. In the Pennsylvania State House. Later Independence whole. Richard Henry Lee of Virginia presented a resolution which It which the famous word, a result. That these United colonies are And of right Out. Should be free and independent states. That they are absorbed from all alliance to British Crown. And that all political connection between them and the state of Great Britain is and out to be totally dissolved. Uh, you are shot at time it independence, the her really otra America. So, uh huh. Yuma have a barista. Uh, ultra, killing them Solid. Paul Bachmann. Maria Allah. Ha! Not little thumb man. Salama el que Lebanon I have been out of the heart throw, Mr Ishino Schlomann also Hotel Salama to take the heart. The mossy it midget. Multi the how are at the water scene? It's near Colonel Farrow to let the Phoenix sniff animal hero to You know, it's not talent in America of the zoo to Robert should clap the rustic blind A good heart. But bookshop do America look slow, Tough Otto Water, Heaney. Uh, I got a shock. Sharmila that showed up at the way in a Lina Saleh Medlock, Uh, helmet that balloon of Tatra. You can hear me but but Moss of a child, love Oh, yeah. Comparator to Lebanon it Mary Chapin, part of town it half boot and share to half full time. The ultra letter Tell a flower crystal Allah ha! The throw to rob Mongia to table but hurry Tell it, Mariana. Holy Molly, a typical Maria Allah. Ha! Uh have Byetta but have a Polyana Polyana. Lombardia apple? Yeah. At the blue Note Ultra What you doing? Yo here regular table. I mean, Yeah. Hi, Robbie. Um It hasn't I see the Chihuahua, okay? Suburb in the three plus about me to see the show. Sure, Let's show on Dower. He will help but I'm Trisha. But you Moving that many call it Allah. You gotta Kadisha. Modena. Tim Ania, Ala Tradition You know, you wanna I admire Don area. Hold it today, Adam. All that. I know. Arab older home. Over the trump a Mushi. Holiday ish to stay. Call the Shoah and I would Call it mania. Hola, Hot. But Nicola admire goo Brita. Had all of the trade. Breathe up the Cloud Airport Hampshire. Call it pushed to publish that has a mutiny in a Moussa. Uh, that would have a Schmo Will people in trade we call the hot tag, right man. Yet many actual, um Shoe al Dash a wa Modena. Suma Fish remote. We are No. Milk is dark. Raw ham. It's hot. Yeah. Josip. Mushi. Harlan. Issue bar None. That would be you. Modena. Schumer had special in what way? I'll cool. No Easter or a ham? Yeah. Yosef Mushi. Issue. Berman Tao, would you Actually, Bill Nothing. Hint in your heart, right? You kina. National media. Then we I'm I'm no longer sure. But you on the show and show Ali traditionally called Mom and Granny and she Romani Children. And or a telephone. Traci are part to Shocking. Brzonkala Emperor Text to many are Tracy to hamper had emailed you down. Uh, a c o in radio at gmail dot com. Uh, Robbie. Passionate, horrible Estrada, you get to have Come, uh, hurt and North Korea, but Valid attraction. And they are looking sharp white, you know. Praca Junior high school. Josh, No Penny Sharia Island and get shot at Kandahar. Modern, very uselessly from shop prompter. In America as a whole Thoma. Tom, Indiana, Tina. And at my you know, and the zoo to hams them into Abbas. So You are idea, but Mirren, but, uh, Street that Martin Ashley to uh huh, Marsha, Uh, as a or some of Basset, uh, condition. Oh, I am a Muslim Opal Sano. I'll do your time in our house so much. The Gale will work that he tries to sleep for the modern. Number to Kabul and arrows, which, uh, by occupying that that slam me come see you money. Uh, but at E. Or mountain, Shari Charles attack. Modern cat Basilio Melamine, Bart Abu Hamada. Uh, Tom alive. Got shot. Really? Electron Ozel to a lot of rationale Part of that, huh? I had hoped. Tell me the Mombasa to Kabul and we'll Salman, Come. She you, Mani. How shallow are the sleeve? The American some of this lesion any but salmon, a type of plot and, uh, Micro's ego ocular Brita. Pouliot appreciate appreciate why not eat to the beat of the Manta sort of modern had family pattern? But I'll tell you my pillow pillow with martial arts by Allah. Ha! Buh Bye. Dana, uh, had hitch come and Danny? Uh, The dish, but well on mom. Beyond him, his man, we honored him as man at a year. Barna Shoe to cool a tearful Goodbye, Brian, when I should nationally with his ear Had some, uh Below and Kelly, let's do to any Rhianna access and TV and, uh and keep it. It will be. Yeah. You talk to Stella Benita Layla T to D in Yokohama, not Dawa. Uh huh. At her Huzar, Uh, Marie esta bushell to the music idea or the Mass. Opie. Appreciate that. You do, huh? At all. But I'm pretty thoroughly that and watch Reboot, Anila. But after Nancy Mother Mosler command your fella Neil at Monte La, uh, Danita will that But Attie men butter admin. I mean, at Little bit higher Buel show with fresh leaf. Nearly a drop Thomas Rather condition patients. Margie will get set us up to countries with much Mariam's dish to branch to Hurghada. Umit. Uh, I'm sure she become chassis. Tom must be by their rounded Marco. Real close. Roger Kadisha Patient which she said Adam tell you, Comrade, uh MacGyver is said, uh Mar Mar. Andrea should not millions to branch to the Koran occupies. Policia. Marie Menken. Uh, debate created miracle. William. I was not to your jet Sarkisian was adopted to Tony Cala. Caracas. John had done well. Sonya Johanna waited in Logan Sherman. Don't trade Romani as Ronnie. And, uh, As you hollow macron cobble cool her. Develop a shipment Kadisha. I'm in slow at Ted Sherry Gaba T Lonmin. She asked, uh, however, seem a sundowner. Snag about Tony Cala Caracas. Tony Cala, Caracas, either for cash era. Mm. Mom, Nana. Robert, his son and I would be at a time I am tonight. Tony Cala. Caracas, Too many are not mandatory that I could come and get you draw data and you Shula and pull Afanah in you motorcycles yet you could hug it shot to Albert. Party took Tony Colour. Caracas Too many are basho..

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