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Welcome to the podcast. This is sam harris. Okay well it has been two weeks since the election and those of you don't spend a lot of time on social media may not be seen how crazy it is out there. All i can say is we appear to be living a very dangerous moment and trump and his enablers in their desperation to hold onto power or making our situation much more dangerous elaborate on something. I tweeted after became obvious. That biden had won the election. This was around november. sixth. I think i wrote. There's a needle that we really must thread. Successfully contempt for trump and his enablers government is a patriotic necessity contempt for seventy million trump. Voters is a serious error. Life is complicated. So i want to spell out a little more because i you people are threading. This needle successfully was attempting to threaten and some people have confused. What i was saying there with people like ao see seeming to for vengeance against trump supporters. She went so far as to encourage people to keep lists of everyone who had supported trump in any capacity. I think it's quite clear that nothing good is waiting for us. Down that path. Over seventy million people voted for trump and there are many reasons for people to have done this or to found that they just couldn't vote for biden and trump is as much a symptom as a cause of the division in our society. Now he's not stolen. He is not hitler. He is a vindictive little con. Man who got plucked out of carnival. Somewhere by mark burnett and put on television for over a decade. Trump is the quintessential american fake. And it's been astounding to watch such a bizarre and insubstantial person accomplish one crazy stage dive after the next because there were millions of upraised hands waiting to catch him and bears wait so there are real social problems at the bottom of all this that we have to address and we won't address any of them by writing off everyone who voted for trump as racist or otherwise irredeemable but there are many people in my circle friends and colleagues and podcast guests who are making the opposite error. Many of them are almost exclusively focused on the problem of the far left and this is causing them to significantly discount the harm the trump has caused and is actively causing our society. Some of these people are trump supporters. But many aren't and they've been taking. The trump teams allegations that the election was stolen through massive voter fraud way too seriously and they're extending the principle of charity to trump and to the rest of his team that is frankly delusional again. There is a needle to thread here and many people don't appear to even see it. Insofar as i've noticed what others in the so-called intellectual dark web have.

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