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But, you know, we also for all of that, progress for all of those black people that want, you still have a green book that walked away with best picture. So tell me something that you're excited about right now. Somebody that's just doing amazing work right now on them. So excited about is ado, Rene. You know, she is putting out this amazing miniseries. I don't know if you've seen it, it's called when they see us. And it is about the central park, five tells the story, the true story of these five young men, who were coerced by the police into confessing for a horrific rape. That happened in central park in nineteen eighty nine. Child. Guardian all these in this will. And she just gives so much life to these boys. She gives a so much warmth to their story and care. And you can tell that this even though it's a tough subject matter that's made with so much love. And I think when we lift up artists like Eva who are out here doing this work for our community and moving our culture forward and creating art. That is healing. We're going to continue to see more of that. And we're going to continue to see what distinguishes art, that's actually made for us from our perspective from a movie that no, that's not for us. That's a you know, that they can continue to make their white savior movies if they want to. But we have these artists who are out here doing the work, that is actually going to push our culture forward and push us forward as people. And that's really, really exciting. Brooke obeys, the managing editor of shadow enact, and the author of the book of Addis checkout, shadow, enact, thanks, Brooke. Thank you so much. I show this week was produced by Jeeva, meaning Catherine scalp. Samantha fields and Toby with hope Caitlyn Benz, those edited by executive producer, Kevin Sullivan, Michael Montgomery and talk utilities, thanks to managing editor Andy Donahue in data editor, Michael Corey for their.

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