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Do it this is the Bob and Tom show we are live in the napa auto parts studios thanks for joining us that's Bob I'm Tom next check but he shouted now you got me shall come out a little we have Kristy Lee of she's over there we are gathered here together in the napa auto parts studios because we have a lot to get to Jim Gaffigan schedule be our guest at the gym is gonna be a few minutes late so we'll we'll move on will come back to Jim shore Jim shortly all I'm gonna do real quick update what's that member to you guys got a big surprise for you yeah that was two weeks ago no what was his last I guess it was last winter so Xander showed you showed Christy this price did not show checker myself well I give her a hint it does the surprises of almost ready with that and I did that my research on the cake member I promise to be cable I try surprise okay I thought you'd forget that no no he's actually getting a cake made like that yeah but it's real yeah so we got a what's the a surprise well I think no the cake isn't a surprise I've told you about the case of the cake will when you when I was the a surprise arriving to have a date are we don't it should be I I it may be next week maybe the week after Christmas might develop well I hope I and and I know this time the cake right that's the whole problem last night I got on the cake right so if he doesn't bring well can you call Baker and say Hey I need a cake on the side of the first of October I could do that except I don't know when the surprise is going to be ready so on this is the problem really so I go over the cake place today and see what kind of timing they need I say it all right in it's but this boy this case gonna be delicious too white gonna be with us which is going to be better the cake for the surprise how about this how bout we order an interim cake I'm with you check in the let's let's do a test cake we could do that all right we need an internal problem later we are you getting us but that ruin the surprise no no not at all what kind you want you want I don't know yellow cake I love yellow cake with frosting have you ever had a kind of a white cake with your Medicaid from this place I don't know where you're going out on a ledge opposite classic it's unbelievable chocolate chunk chocolate cake I just sent some of are you want chocolate and chocolate chocolate yeah maybe I should do a what if I could do a lot of what they do like a four different cakes and one of them we could try it now for the big surprise now we're gonna have to have a cake to get the answer okay to get to the real quick because you're going to tell you that what we need to get a taste K. I. test K. exactly use the flavor we want this is a little snow behind the scenes work you think it's tough passing a bill the only thing missing is someone you hammering about giving something away with somebody that's doing this myself if only Gaffigan were here because he can weigh in on K. so the surprise I have right is a this is rice is something that it will be a surprise for everyone of our listeners and really cool the cake is going to be honoring the surprise I say I was their listeners can't get any of the gave me we should invite couple of listeners couple of random listeners come over and have cake we can do that you know yes it is possible to have a surprise but without ads I get but not tell people that surprises coming then it's really a surprise this is where this is your downfall of them you get so excited and a you know you've done this a couple times and for a forgot about this price completely yeah you know that will be a surprise when I heard that is a price to me I'm gonna talk about Christie's experience yesterday can we have a front row seat a colonoscopy I I wanna hear everything now we like to talk about important issues in the world of health yeah none of us are doctors and all I've ever advise anyone to do is talk to a medical professional I agree I can't stand with these semi celebrity Scone they tell people don't vaccinate your kids I know because I have sharks are listen to a professional please but one of the important things you want to get that for example coming to coming up proc Tober you want to get your prostate check they just had mine done a couple weeks ago let's say what things in there a long time I think that's what the surprises photos of Tom's no I would not be risky without without giving any names here do you or do you want to give names if she cares what I'm I I spent yesterday my mother had a colonoscopy and you were assisting I didn't a system not a doctor but I have it they don't allow you to leave her you can't you know drop her off the whole you can't can a woman why can't you your district and event apple months ago I did not I had custody over for a couple hours granted there yeah what the hell was not talking if you're around she problems if you see my beer I workers yeah why not there but anyway so yeah we're just doesn't do it anymore so you're fixing the joke but okay so that's right off the subject of this guy and Twitter's under the assumption that you're buying cake for all of our listeners not so good luck values let's take it that's the surprise on him yeah this also will put a picture of the case so when you get the call and ask me this is the one where the you have to drink the fluid the day before and you know yes and the night of a thousand water life without limbs out your whole in all right and my mother's had issues also with acid reflux kinda like what you have just we were to go in the throat yeah so I argue the cause of that then probably indeed yeah yeah little rest sharks so I wasn't aware but apparently they they scoped everything they go in the front and the back I guess is the same Santa is that the medical equivalent of spit roasting hi.

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