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No we were hail mary pass away from still win in that game no matter what you wanna see about malcolm butler yeah so that's that's you know he's got every right to feel them to fit do we have any players who are feelings are you guys because i'm i'm my pulling audible for thrown out there i got one go ahead got one yeah i was gonna say jon gruden because he definitely feeling himself absolutely since we have lack of levian bell is feeling himself right i mean always all we heard all we heard out to the super bowl was hey they're close get a long term deal done so it's speaking of kevin colbert at the the league meetings he's like well you know we'll get to him so they've got a little jousting back and forth in love you'll thus well how can you be a hero in your city when you're portrayed villain last i checked the heroes in pittsburgh aren't named bradshaw and joe green and you know rocky blair all these guys have brought some trophies there you big ben but let your great player you want seventeen million when you get this franchise tag number you know he's he's got every right to feel himself right now but i said you know what we're not going to any players here we're going realize establishments that's wanted to get a guy on the field okay that's a good that i'm gonna i'm gonna follow it up then with mine kirk cousins how can he not be feeling himself right now he spent the entire off season being courted by fans players from different teams front offices just seeing what's out there seeing what he can get and then he signs this record breaking deal he changes the way that these contracts are done who knows you know how much that continues in the future but he did it and then he doesn't even spend money as it is he's really frugal guy that just got so much money and he goes to a better situation to and he's got new offense coordinator john deere flip oh there of course they have stefan digs and adam phelan and you have a healthy alvin cook coming up this year plus that defense if he right now they haven't played any games so he is.

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