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Be a 100° of the Minneapolis St. Paul area. It will also be near 100 and Fargo North Dakota, where Scott fry recently suffered heat stroke while working outside. I just try to stay as hydrated as you can, try to stay as cool as you can, keep that heat off you a little bit. Record heat will spread to the east coast by midweek. Jim Crow CBS News. Two 25 money near the 25 and 55, let's check in with Brennan hazelton. Markets are closed for the Juneteenth federal holiday, Volvo trucks as it's starting testing vehicles that use fuel cells powered by hydrogen and the Sweden based company claims their range could extend more than 600 miles. CNBC reports the automaker also says refueling the vehicles would take under 15 minutes. It hopes to bring the new trucks to the market in the second half of this decade. And what more can Harry Styles do? Design clothes. The Wall Street Journal reports the pop superstar and Gucci have announced a joint clothing collection, the 25 look collection said to have a 70s vibe is expected to hit Gucci stores in October. Brendan Hazleton news. Money news is brought to you by General Dynamics IT. And GDIT, you ensure today is safe and tomorrow is smarter, discover careers with impact, apply now at GDIT dot com slash careers. There could soon be some real progress on a gun reform bill will have details coming up. When someone first comes in and you see that discouragement on their face, they've tried so many different products, but nothing seemed to work for them. I'm able to take that disappointment and that pain and turn it into hope. You're listening to Mallory, an art support specialist at the good feed store. And they try the arch support. It's a light up moment. You see their face right up. They go from feeling discouraged to being happy and hopeful again. For over 25 years, the good feet store and our arch support specialists have been helping folks live the life they love without foot, knee, hip, or back pain, getting in the way. That's why this job is so important. You're helping people. Getting back in the activities that they've wanted to do for a long time, doing the things that they love to do, but they're good feet art supports. We're able to help them and take them from the pain to the possibilities. And I love it. The good feet store has 7 locations in greater D.C. and Baltimore. Visit good feed dot com for the location nearest you. I'm Jonathan cotton and we

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