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Welcome back to America in the morning thirteen before the hour. The women's March is taking place tomorrow morning in Washington DC. It's one of more than one hundred women's marches planned across the nation. The national organization has been under the microscope in recent weeks because of allegations are Steve Kastenbaum explores across the country this weekend, dozens of large women's marches will be taking place again, a big rally and March is happening here in New York where we both celebrate the successes we've had for women's rights two years. But also we confirm our commitment to continuing to fight for women's rights here in New York City Catherine's Bianco is founder and president of the women's March alliance. She sees the changing face of congress as the result of women's March movements across the US or to go from almost zero to one in five in congress. Forty five of them being women of color is just unheard of. I mean, it's really is the Europe women there will. Be a competing rally downtown held by a group affiliated with the national organization women's March Inc. Conflicting events in some cities are the result of a controversy surrounding the national group statistically allegations that they fostered anti-semitism co-leader. Bob land address this while appearing on ABC's the view this week, the women's March unequivocally condemns anti-semitism bigotry and Dan remarks about Jewish people. And we have repeatedly in statement after statement this year, which are available directly on our website Simion. Go is adamant about her New York based organization being unaffiliated with the national women's March group, which she believes is being divisive. I think that they are holding some counter-marches to undercut the true work of the women in New York. They're doing in Philadelphia, you know, and that's not a group that wants to be inclusive. That's a good that wants to be divisive. Some of the controversy hinges on co leader to make a Malary's appearance with nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan. He's repeatedly preached at these semitic messages. Mallory faced the cross examination about this on the view as I said, I don't agree with many of them minister Farrakhan's statement you condemned on me, I don't agree with these statements at the end of the day won't condemn it. All to be very clear. It's not my language is not the way that I speak. It is not how I organize Semion go the women's March alliance founder here in New York is aware that this issue is not helping their movement to anyone who is confused by. She says you're not marching for to up or Linda or captains you're marching for your daughter's you're marching for your future. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. It's nine till in for Robert workman. Joe Ramsey has Friday sports. Good morning, John. It's championship weekend in the NFL. And both are rematch is of great games from the regular season. The NFC championship goes first Sunday afternoon in New Orleans as the saints, welcome. The Los Angeles Rams expect to see some offense. Both teams come confident. Especially drew Brees in the saints played team like.

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