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He's only 20 years old. And that just seems like it's been very rare. It has been rare, and I think you always cringe when you say like, oh, the language barrier because you don't know if that's going to come off the wrong way, but it's just true, right? Hideki matsuyama is a massive massive star in Japan, like a enormous enormous star. Everywhere is all over billboards. I've been there. He's everywhere. But in the U.S., I mean, he just doesn't speak English publicly. So it's just hard. It's just hard for fans to identify with someone who they can't they feel like they can't communicate with directly. You know, it's always through an interpreter. So, and it's not just that Tom Kim speaks English. He speaks perfect English. Like he's completely completely fluent. And he's funny and he's smart and he's driven. And yeah, I think you're right. He does have this unique potential to combine these two massive markets where he's going to be a huge star in Asia. I'm sure he already is a huge star in Korea. And I think he's going to be a huge start here because, you know, everyone loves the guy who stars on the losing team, right? Because they're so unthreatening, right? It's like, oh, I love Tom cam. He was awesome, right? He didn't beat us. It wasn't like I hate him. He was cute. It was cute out there. Exactly. That's the exact thought I had are seeing the president's cup post party pictures was like, oh, this guy's great, and he's not really threat of us because we're, you know, we've won 12 of these in a row or he's not a threat. Yeah. I'm excited to talk to him. I'm really, really pumped to talk to him. I think he's going to be great on the show. And then we have Tom Fleetwood, who, like Frankie said, we have a funny history with Tom Fleetwood. He's pretty dry, sense of humor, but a great one. He clearly exhibits that with us. And then we talk a lot about he was pumped about the president's cup. He said that he washed as much of it as he could. He lives in Dubai now, which we get into. And we spoke about Ryder Cup performances, especially 2018 in Paris. When he and moan are Francesco ball and Ari, just were unstoppable basically as a team, they dusted a bunch of U.S..

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