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Pay sean penn what would you what would you expect sean penn of course he's in love with hugo chavez he said that hugo chavez was a fascinating guy who did incredible things for the eighty percent of the people that are very poor there he says after chavez die penn said the united states lost a friend never knew it had while poor people around the world lost a champion and now those poor people they don't have enough food to eat but maybe it's just as well because there's no toilet paper in the country either so i guess of all evens out in venezuela continuing with sean penn's the wet kiss venezuela and that's revolution will endure under the proven leadership of vice president nicolas maduro who is now up basically abolish to the legislature in caracas they threatened to arrest all the legislators next one oliver stone are we rounding up all the usual suspects are not here oliver stone i'm more in a great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place hated by the entrench classes hugo chavez will live forever it history well soil hitler and stalin bright meaning there's other things other than living forever in history jesse jackson he went down to venezuela too the funeral of hugo chavez he offered a prayer hugo fed the hungry is he the water slavic the tiger the caracas o he'll lifted the poor he raised their hopes he helped them realise their dreams and so today we mourn because we've lost a lot but we have a lot left a stable government can orderly transition next come on down michael moore he eliminated seventy five percent of extreme poverty.

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