Lehigh Valley, Pataki, Rochester discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


In the four six and may win it on the fourth of July fireworks shoot off in the distance yeah frustrating and to this one for the pasta axe which led tends to in this ballgame at the halfway point in the bottom of the fifth inning but six runs in the bottom of the ninth all six batters who came to the plate scored for Lehigh Valley is based on the pasas in much the same way the Pataki did the Rochester last year on the fourth of July in front your field back to wrap things up on the post game show Mike Monaco here with you from the broadcast booth at coca Cola park tough one tonight for Pataki as they fall to thirty three and fifty one on the season we have valley with the wind is now forty one and fifty two they scored twelve runs on fourteen hits no errors the pasas ten runs sixteen hits hand one error eight of the nine starters for the pasar ecstatic hit Chris selling strobing three goals sturgeon drove into and scar Hernandez had its first four hit game since the two thousand fourteen season he had a three run home run and drove in four Brian Weber went five innings of to run the ball Dan runs thirty all star three score the satanic Jordan weeds gets tagged with the lost his first and aposs ox uniformed time window two perfect innings out of the bullpen a seventh win for the last time a game three hours in ten minutes played in front of a sellout crowd at capacity ten thousand and one hundred here tonight the pasas will be back at it tomorrow.

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