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It was sort of that time when you had to wait for the next one to come out. He you know I hadn't had that experience dance for a long time or maybe with rating so with the Harry Potter one. My husband used to joke. Oh Yeah you'll be lining up at the bookstore with all the kids in the types and it was so that one actually got me back into the joy of waiting for the next one to come out you know being so involved in those characters and these days. I actually seem to read more one offs but I do like that I LIKE FIT TV series. Paul Dak so I should try the books of their also people have been recommending to made the Atlanta series of books which I haven't Bridget either but in terms of series of the ones of thinking I should delve into also people even without having exactly a plea series people off Discovering Northern they like to read everything by that all the heavy survivor authors like that that you apart from. JK rollings that she liked to everything they right. Yeah there's a English Author Code Hilary Mantel at Hillary. Sorry sorry is a ruin probably not but also Michelle Love Rick One of his echoed the book of Human Skin and then I was Like kept divided in head to go back and find all of her other ones She is things called the flooding room. She writes a lot about Venus. Its historical And I really love those. They're sort of the very poetic descriptions but strong poetic distruptions just really Lee surprising and Great characters too so so Michelle. lovric is is one that what what Sixteen seventeen in hundreds that kind of thing. Yeah Yeah it's amazing. How many good writers there are around? You know even be joined this podcast for two years and I'd say probably probably at least sixty percent of the people we have on our historical fiction writer suspect. Nobody's mentioned her nine to me before and she sounds as if she'd be really good but but there's lots of undiscovered treasures. There isn't there. Yes that's right. Yes I chanced upon him by winning that book at a rifle so are you know. It's just those things and then yeah and then I really Seek thematically published. Now yeah been fantastic now Coming around with starting to come to the end of that time to gate aside just taking a look back over your right and Korea at the stage if you join the driver ever again. Is there anything that you would change. And if so what would that Bay Probably not in terms of my life experiences. It says because I think it was great that you know I really enjoyed my science career. I really enjoyed Trying out and just adding all these different things to your life experienced experienced before you Before you go to right because it's kind of like it's an outpouring of stuff that you've cumulated in your life life experience that comes out on the page The only thing the major thanks for perhaps other writers that I've learned was Just the the process of trying to get published The first time I tried to do that with my facebook it took me about three years of individually trying pushing rushing match and I learned a lot about going the right way I did things the wrong way and I learned more about how I should have done it when I did. It should get my fist published. So there's all that learning but you can't help it you know that's that's all part of life and The things that you pick up along the way he and yeah but now so there's nothing really that I would change Don't think who you published with now Ellen Unwin Albright Year through a well known Australian. Yes usually well. Nine galster nation frightening them both in Australia and New Zealand Eland So this great teams that helping me the so. What is next for Stephanie? The writer I know you've mentioned you're going on a book tour to Australia and Favorite Tennis Bat way obey in that show. This will be being published. Probably late late January sleeper. So what what are some of your dates. The guy going to Melvin In full let's face it off. Then I'm going through to sort of one bowl along the coast In through to Adelaide eight Canberra and Sydney around the Sydney area in Huxley up the Coast Towards Brisbane bit is well. So slow that's Yes that some of the major ones ED lighters Canberra's A few days off the bat and Sydney around the weekend of the fifteenth of but all that should be on my website soon great it and what about works in progress. Have you got anything else. That you've got on your track riders Yes yes sows in speaking about that series I'm yeah it's another one that is connected to these other two so in the face novel. The same scene starts with my heroin has to give up a trial to go on on this boy. She's an illegitimate Mother and she's he's being abandoned by her family and Her choice is to give up a child in disguise himself as a man in flee the roth of his family And in the third book I'm writing the story of the boy so this child that she gave up So it's it's what happens to him ultimately and how he reconnects with his mellow yeah so intensive series. It's great right to keep some of those characters going in. Yeah they feed into each of the books even if the standalone stories they fantastic and how much of that one is is historically accurate. It's based at the time when Napoleon's rain is ending so it's A A character. The boy is is growing up when you fist made him and he's a storyteller and he's traveling storyteller and he's being moving through. These areas added a French owned the moment. Because Napoleon's empire is there but the empire is crumbling in having to get out because The Russians impressions a stunning to reclaim the areas of their own side. That's bets the sort of true facts of the time that happening. And then my characters rule made up within that But the true Deitz and those sorts of things of what battles were happening and Things with changing will will be historically accurate. Fantastic of itself would be great. Wayne will that be well. US S. finished the first draft so still got a few more drafts to go before I feel I can even show it's or anyone. I'm hyphen hyping. Hyping another couple of years and should be out on the show. Let's hope let me Stephanie. Now do you like into action with fuel readers and end up assumed that if you do a path from these two would be online. How do people find you online? Do you have a place. We like to talk to raiders. Yes I am on facebook and on Instagram so facebook. I have a page called stiff. I doc in story place An instagram is just undermined name and all that should be on my website which is stiff. KNEE PACK DOT COM Yes so love to in love. Making people in in the flesh is well at different events. Yeah that's lovely and we will have full shine is of this we publish full transcriptions about podcast interviews as a blog and we'll put links to those are all of these particular places in the Charlotte so that if people want to they can find them that way as well. Oh fabulous thank you will be mad. Let's talking it really has and I wish you all the very best with butcher in the state In the in Australia. It sounds like doc that caused that you'll going down as one of the areas. It's been quite heavily hit. So you definitely won't see here the station I think on the trump years coffs harbor and lismore. They had the fist brunt of FIS. I think yes so those places I'm going to as well I can't sleep in all faked being with us today thank you thanks Jamie. Thanks for listening to the joys of vending podcast. You can find all the details towels and links for this episode at Dub Dub Dub dot the joys of binge reading Dot Com. We'd love to hear your comments and suggestions for who you'd like us to interview next and if you enjoyed the show take a moment to subscribe on Itunes or a similar provider so you miss out on future guests. Thanks for joining us. And happy reading The joys of bench reading podcast is put together with fantastic technical help from Dan. Cotton and Abe Raffles. Dan is listen experienced. Sound and video engineer whose radiant available to help you with your next project. C- CANNOT AT D. Sec- audio services at G MAIL DOT COM. That's D for Daniel C Pacelli audio services x amount dot com or Cheek Asher nights. He's fast he takes pride and getting it right. 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