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Number one villain like historically but they could never put them in movies until the rights were retained or something like that until the students got a hold of the rights to use the name. Specter that kind of like why quantum was a placeholder and then it turns out. That specter is the puppetmaster for quantum i think is what it was. I don't really. I didn't get that deep into the lore. I didn't have a timer brain cells left to devote to this. Because you're right at five movies two hours a piece at least british people people. Yeah it was just not a good movie i love. Christoph waltz is an excellent actor and they tried to replicate his work in inglorious bastards here and it just didn't translate blow fell just isn't strong enough character like his character in inglorious bastards was. I can't remember hans. Lambda sounds right. He fell through for me. Yeah yeah hans landa. that's what it was he's just. You can't replicate that. Just on a whim that's a once in a lifetime. Lightning ball type thing so no time to die. The the main of. That's the main course. Oh yeah so. I went and saw this saturday. And you you just. I saw this hour go two hours ago now. Obviously a lot of things went on with this movie. It's been done for like two years. Long movie delay delay and is a long as movies. Two hours and forty five minutes. I think james bond has left active service. His piece is short. Lived when felix lighter at old friends from the cia turns up asking for help leading bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain armed with a dangerous new technology. Let me pull up my whole synopsis. The whole synopsis. I really i really like how the bond franchise it went from funding terrorist groups to now. How every single sort of worldwide threat goes to biological warfare naturally naturally of course..

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