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Plans but in doing so he was giving himself a gift the gift of never needing to look over his shoulder. He knew exactly what he wanted from the product he was building and he was free focus on it. He also knew exactly what is advantage was i. He knew the product himself was frustrated user and he knew what he needed by reading those forms full of complaints. He knew what other customers wanted to second. He newest competition. I thought it could outrun the smaller guys okay. He knew about the small fry but there were some far bigger fish starting to take an interest microsoft or google. Are there are a bunch of companies by even yahoo all these others either had offerings are almost certainly going to launch them. Google was kind of the biggest existential threat in two thousand and seven drew in his co founder arash ferdowsi one funding from the fame seed accelerator y combinator even so they still had to face sceptical investors investors would tell me that hey you know. This is a really competitive space. There's a lot of dead companies here. You're probably going to get crushed by the big guys as a founder you. You're the number one advocate for your product or service. When someone tells you you're going to be crushed. You need to come back at them with exactly why they're wrong especially if the person interrogating your idea is a potential investor drew's response was not what you usually hear from an impassioned and founder who's company's prospects have just been thrown in doubt now is like yup. I agree with all that this probably is a graveyard. We probably will get crush by the big is that's okay at least not have to carry around a thumb drive anymore. Don't be fooled by drew glib response. He didn't actually i plan on getting crushed. Despite the odds he was clear on his advantage. He was singularly obsessed with his product and he had very little to lose. If we build something useful that has value worst case scenario we build something awesome we saw the super interesting problem google comes allergy drive other people come knocking. We tell the company built something else. That sounds pretty good to twenty four year old. Living in an apartment afforded drew knew that one of his advantages was his youth his naievety his fearlessness the fact that he had very little to lose an even a modest success would be a big win more experienced entrepreneurs. I would bring a different set of advantages. The point is know what yours are initially thought he was at a disadvantage when it came to acquiring on users so we did what many founders try when breaking into a field to partner with goliath tried to partner with big companies and we'd go you know big p._c. Manufacturer 'cause. I'm like well. Maybe dropbox isn't something that you're going to go fine. Maybe it's something that just is pre installed on your computer who knows because we didn't continue bill to acquire large number of customers for freer. We've run out of early adopters but true soon realized the strategy came with a huge huge cost they would come in with cavalcade of middle managers and they spin your wheels for a long time and by the end of the day these companies are gonna do you any favors and so the idea a startup partnering with big company ninety nine point nine percent of the time just ends up in a bunch of wasted effort and can kill the company. If you're really unfortunate you actually get the deal and then you get spun around around by this massive machine. The spin cycle of middle management takes energy that could go into generating ideas innovation and forward momentum mm. It's something that many large companies.

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