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Four seven eight nine. All right. Thank you. Hook you up with Carlos. He's got a friend has got cash money to push some people. I teach you the good the bad and the ugly, but the car business had to be mentally prepared. How to know what's going on in the car business? How to make a better purchase? How to understand that you need to study year long on your next ride? Evidently, you don't need this car. Did you buy a new one? Have you got a new? Yeah. Yeah. Bought a different one. Okay. Good. You know, and and find out what the market is a lot of people call me and say what's his car worth? And this week. I had a couple of people calming guy said what's a car worth? Oh sales at seven thousand. He said, well, they won't nine thousand. I said that's fair. Maybe cut them back a little bit. That's the market. We want him to make money, but just not a whole lot of money. Eleven or twelve thousand I told him to walk off and another person, call me and the lady and said their neighbor wanted five hundred for the car, and I said if you don't want it, I won't it. Worth the money. She bought it. She loves it. So. Appreciate welcome. God bless you. Well, give us a call to ten seven three seven twelve hundred. Yes. But among as Randy Adams scientific, Colin. Hello eighty. Okay. The caller's name. Go ahead. Okay. Well, maybe they didn't quite hang on. We lose them. Hello daniel. And Karen and Bill there are a lot of people on Facebook live. We got Facebook live in like, I said if you get a little time. Go to talk stream lab Randy Adams, you got him on now. Hello this. Randy adams. Hi, randi. Yes. Hi, rodney. Hello, rodney. How you doing, sir? As I talked to your screener a little bit ago. I've got a similar situation is what the last caller was. I've got a twenty thirteen Ford Focus. It's apple red car. It's got seventy two thousand miles on it. I bought it as a used car forty five thousand miles, but I'm trading up. And I'm trying to see if I can sell this twenty thirteen Ford Focus and wanted to get your advice and tips on how to go about doing is. The transmission good transmission when I bought it, sir. There were problems. With transmission? I'd had the whole thing. Rebuilt at transmissions. Good at at Carlton run to about two hundred. Well, those transmissions don't last cvt transmission, that's why Ford's not going to build cars anymore. Okay. So many problems with it. You've got about a thirty five hundred to four thousand dollar car. Maybe a little more put on Craigslist. You've got somebody trying to buy your car and they need to sell their car..

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