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Messing up. We're not conscious when I think of the days that I I've I have made the biggest mistakes in my life. I didn't wake up that day and tending to jerk intending to do something really stupid self destructive and self sabotaging you know you're neurotic patterns by definition. They're unconscious that's the whole point. Same with the system. Our economic system is not about a bunch of rich people who were mean and greedy bastards. Not every rich person is a greedy bastard. Ninety four person is noble pure. Our economic system is so immoral in its consequences. Not because people sitting there everyday figuring out how to harm indigenous tribes simply people who think it's not the responsibility job to think one way or the other about what they're doing to indigenous strikes. It's an amoral system. It's not that it's an immoral. It's an amoral system. It has immoral consequences. And if American women aren't going to stand up and say this is this is not working in who is so look at the Koran of ours we have a healthcare system is not set up to care for the many and as a consequence. It's not just true. Bits the whole system. He just happened to be born into that system. And so we lost all those weeks and now the corona virus doesn't care if you're Democrat Republican White Brown black rich war so we're beginning to realize as I've been saying for so long every public issue will ultimately make its way to your private door. We must evolve now so it's all about me too. It's all about us. We must we will not survive. That's the evolution league at all of us must and people such as yourself must lead. Now you WANNA know what what turning thirty means you become a leader. Now that's what it means to become to become a mayor. Enter into the face of your life where you're the adults now beautiful. I think to You know we're talking about the healing that needs to happen as a collective and being leaders coming into our thirties. Do you think that healing should start by going with it and getting quiet and then be exercised terminally and community? Or how should people think about healing? I saw a piece of graffiti wants to be to do Hegel to do is to be. Schopenhauer DOOBIE DOOBIE. Dues.

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