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And we built pie insurance from scratch for small business owners. So instead of the typical process that requires paper applications phone calls and waiting pie insurance offer small business owners a better way with lower rates and simple online shopping now, you can get a worker's comp quote, customized for your company in as little as two minutes right from your computer or smartphone. We're here to make getting insurance easy as easy as pie, you're gonna love this new way of getting workers comp insurance for your small business. Visit us today for your quote and start saving at pie insurance dot com. That's p e insurance dot com. I'm Roydon Shane fourth-generation jeweler from day one. My great grandfather felt it was important to give customers more options. That's why Shane company has more diamonds than anyone else. In town in all sizes in every price range and with the broadest selection of diamond shapes in addition to traditional round and Princess cut diamonds, we have cushion-cut oval pear-shaped marquee emerald cut, radiant even heart-shaped for each time and shape and grade we picked the best diamond cutters in the world who cut the stones to our superior standards giving each stone maximum sparkle, no other jeweler does that see all the diamond shapes at shaneco dot com. Or even better come into the store and our team will show them to you. Discover what shapes speaks to you. Whether you want to personalize a pendant or fashion ring or you're building the engagement ring of her dreams. Whatever your budget. You'll have more diamond shapes and sizes to choose from than anywhere else in town. Now, you have a friend in the diamond business Shane. Gene, company and shaneco dot com..

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