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So turner do you females blame the people your has been friends family members i'm per one tight i don't know him in some way and what type and things would you be inclined demands blame you think what issues that could be done around the house i yeah i mean i think that when there i america making man in my and i'm guessing you also are going to probably explain how to six or sometimes took or the may not get done properly right no no i'm just i'm just taking it out this is i did additions that's my job and everybody of twenty five i don't alright well we got and we got it so females playing in something to tim and thank you so much for sure you call the twins coming in it that dot concert show constitutional drunk tweeting doctor out doc thompson so my girlfriend works with a man's wayne in hotline w to yeah apparently she does you know and so i thought it was my wife so that's fine add talk johnson joe hashtag what i learned today doc is going to do extensive research into gender that of occasion process there's no truth to that robert weighing but rise tweeting dot down to joe don't be so insensitive doctor term man's blending his offensive to trans him and and those questioning okay it could be possibly the crazy world we live in i'm just trying to figure it out i just need the rules the trying to navigate the waters with last as lee's them out of stress is possible that's what i'm about start drives ended for glenn back with one that is is there going back program informative entertainment relevant he's he's the twin cities news talk station he's been was talk dot com.

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