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Loma chanko and triple g those guys are fantastic course, you know, the Manny Pacquiao Floyd Mayweather that all is great stained boxing, for years. But when you got heavyweights you were just watching the Muhammad Ali documentary his own word you get heavyweights that are at the top of the game. Or the intrigue is at the top of the game there, the cards that people wanna send Ruis is the most intriguing guy ever. Because when you think about who was the fat heavyweight, buddy. It was butterbean but he was always on the undercard. That's right. This guy. This guy is the card, and who was the fat guy, George Foreman. George Formosa verse one was when he was older. When you had like nine kids, who were all named George Foreman when he was selling grill fat burning grill, and he himself was that the right he had earned the right to be fat because you remember him in the late seventies, when he was he was a mountain of a man. He was a chisel guy. He was the guy everyone feared stepping into the ring hands of stone now to put it in context Buster Douglas, was I believe either forty one or forty two to one against Mike. Tyson. I think that has more to do with the Mike Tyson than it does BUSTER. Douglas Mike Tyson was so quote unquote unbeatable. That, that's why there was a bigger dispiriting? He has Josh has been knocked down. I mean he has been knocked down, but he comes back, but it just was unbelievable. Anthony Joshua has been dominating the heavyweight class for like four years. It's not like he's won every fight with a knockout in the firm put in a larger context then we'll get outta here. We'll get to Pierre McGuire tall. Cocky, but the larger context is Andy Ruis junior makes everything possible. He literally makes everything possible. You can be a guy who doesn't work out. You got chest tattoos on your man boobs. You he does work out, but he's just not losing weight. He's like he's like a prince fielder, you're like, are you really vegan? Your huge dude, I guess vegan, you can eat all the pasta you want fine. But I'm saying like he he is not a specimen, he isn't like a like Andy REEs junior should be on the cover of the body. You on ESPN boom. There you go. I'm just saying. He makes it all possible. He makes the normal guys magazine think is done. That's right. But I'm just saying that he, he makes everything possible. And for the guy sitting on a couch, drinking a beer or for the woman watching it, who is just pounding pasta fat shamed. Her entire life. Andy Ruiz steps up. And he is the people's champion the people's champion Andrew is. And I hope he beats Deontay wilder while they're how great would it be? If our champion are boxing champion, right? They're gonna change the way we look at roadwork for the rest of our lives. There you go. There you go love it. When we come back on the other side of this break, we got Pierre McGuire. The great Pierre McGuire from NBC's coverage of the NHL Stanley. He's doing killing in the Stanley Cup finals and we have course have a dogfight with team that we love in great Boston team as well. So it is going to be amazing to hear his thoughts on the series currently. And what's going on this? Volcano choir the project. Of a bony bear side project. If you will song comrade, we come back, Pierre McGuire on the chiefs are comrades, stay with us kept me on you. All right. Welcome back to the show as promised. There is no better time of the year, and no better time to talk to this gentleman, then right in the heat of a fantastic Stanley Cup finals between are very beloved blues and the Boston Bruins, who I can't remember in my lifetime a an aesthetic of finals that have been that has been so much punch counterpunch as this series like you can't predict we're talking to Pierre McGuire peer how you doing? Buddy gentlemen, really nice to visit with you. I'm doing fantastic..

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