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Effect through, the Evening scattered showers and storms here today some. Of the storms, producing some very heavy rainfall at times widespread rainfall amounts between one. And three inches. Possible, today with some localized higher amounts highs in the low eighties chance for more. Showers and storms both tonight and Tuesday. I'm meteorologist Ken Boone from the Weather Channel seventy. Seven and a teeny bit of sun on the island, seventy five in the Woodland's and seventy four and, cloudy at KTAR h. dot tax defenders twenty four hour weather. Center it's five oh one our top story according to the national weather. Service tropical storm Gordon is lashing south Florida with torrential rain and tropical, storm force winds this afternoon hurricane watchers tropical storm warnings and storm surge watches and. Warnings are in effect for parts of the central Gulf Coast but, not necessarily your home however all Gulf Coast residents and. That includes all of us need to monitor Gordon also a. Concern flooding still possible from. Texas to portions of the most saturated midwest Houston. Public works department has barricades out for the areas that typically flood like low water crossings and, underpasses Houston city office of. Emergency, management Christopher Perkins says that they're taking the standard precautions for any flooding event. We have our high water vehicle assets in place throughout the city ready to respond That's from our TV partner channel to Perkins says that people in. Resources are in place Houston police, homicide detectives are investigating a shooting that left one man, dead in. A driveway it happened this morning on. Copperfield late lane in southwest Houston police say a woman and her boyfriend were in the home when another man arrived and got into a confrontation with them that's when he started shooting police say that the. Suspect, shot the victim in the back killing him the shooter did run from the same the father of Molly Tibbets at twenty year old woman. Who was allegedly murdered by an undocumented immigrant, in an, Iowa. Is speaking out against people using her daughter's death as to advance, their own racist views quote the person, who is accused of taking. Molly's life is no more reflection of the Hispanic community as white supremacists. Are of all white people that's the state from Mr. Tibbets it's five oh three Labor Day marks the final. Stretch, in, the November midterm elections President Trump is hitting the trail President Trump will travel. To billings Montana Thursday to rally supporters for GOP Senate, candidate, Matt, Rosen Dell in his race to unseat Democratic Senator John tester Friday is onto the Dakotas the president who says he. Will increase his time on the, trail as we get closer to November will campaign in, Fargo North. Dakota for Kevin Kramer in his effort. To defeat Senator Heidi Heitkamp Kenneth Moton ABC news the.

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