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You have to figure this thing out. I'm Wes. You can offer. Ben Simmons and get Damian Lillard. Unless it's a trade like that. You just can't do it. The idea that the Sixers are going to trade Ben Simmons for younger assets and build a team that fits better around Joel Embiid. It's like Joel and Bead can't be trusted to stay healthy. Why would you build your team around him? I only understand the Ben Simmons. Uh, smack. To an extent. I think if you're Philly, you got to figure it out. And that's why you hired Doc Rivers was to figure it out. Bread Brown couldn't Doc Rivers needs to If you want to talk about, you know, redemption week. You know, Doc Rivers. Is a big game for Doc Rivers as much as is Ben Simmons and Joe and beat Because if he bows out to what many people consider an inferior team, Sorry, Hawks fans. After bowing out To a team that was believed to be inferior. Sorry Nuggets fans the year before. It's going into Continue to perpetuate the narrative that Doc Rivers just had the great fortune of coaching three superstars at the same time in Ray Allen, Paul Pierce. And Kevin Garnett. But if he has any fewer than three stars, he can't win. Two stars in L. A. Paul George Co. I couldn't wind blew a 31 seriously. Two stars in Philly and beads. Simmons. You can't get it done. It's going to be hard to defend him, and I've been a Doc Rivers defender. In the past. I think he's a really good coach. But he's gonna be like he's gonna be talked about like Budenholzer like this. Think it This isn't the guy now Budenholzer could be fired. After this season. I don't think Doc rivers is getting fired, but The narrative will be perpetuated. Can't figure it out. So maybe in a way I'm betting on myself. Being a doc Rivers. Uh, defender. Because I think the Sixers win tonight. I do. The Sixers win tonight. But if they lose, boy Lot of fun for sports talk radio shows. The other game in the NBA Tonight, Jazz minus two In L. A against the Clippers. Over under is 221 points tonight. Neither team especially great against the spread in these playoffs, but L. A has won their last three games against the number. Three of the five games in this series have hit the over. You want to bet on the over under I must be crazy. Betting on two road teams. Well, three road teams. I'll tell you that in a minute. I think the jazz win tonight. I'm not done with the Jazz. I'm not Donovan Mitchell. Had his worst game by far. In Game five. He scored 21 points. He scored 37 twice 30 and 45. In the other games in this series. No, he's dealing with the ankle. What I think he fights through it. Do And I think the Jazz Force a game seven. At least that's what I'm going to bet, anyway. We'll see. But wow, What a turn of events that would be if the Jazz end up losing And I told you You don't have to pull for the Jazz. If you don't want to. You don't And I wouldn't blame me if you didn't. But you got to root against the Clippers and the Nets. If you're a fan of the Denver Nuggets or any small market team. Because if these teams like Utah in Milwaukee who have been I mean, they've done everything right? Much like the Nuggets. They've done everything right? They're stable. They hired smart people. They've done all they can to supplement the stars that they have on the team. If they can't be These, uh Instant contending teams with the stars. The super teams. Then. There's no hope for the next five years that these super teams are going to go away, go by the wayside. You have to root for Utah. Um, I quite frankly can't stand to see Sam Farnsworth happy so I predict that Utah will win. I don't know that I'm rooting for them to win, but I will root against the Clippers and I will root against Brooklyn. To try and help killed a super team. So hawks getting 2.5 at home against the Sixers Clippers getting to at home against the Jazz. I am betting on two favorites, but still Two road teams. Cover is, um Against my nature. And then the game that, um I think I'll spend more time on tonight. To be honest with you. I know those NBA games are extremely consequential. I'm not trying to downplay them. But I am really intrigued by this Golden Knights Canadians game tonight. And you'll be able to hear it right here on extra sports 1300 golden Nights on the road are favored. We got three road favorites tonight. Golden Knights minus 1 62 in Montreal against the Canadians who are plus 1 36 on the money line. The spread is 1.5 goals. This is a to bet game for me and a hedge. I'm going to hedge. There's too much value on Montreal at home. Tonight, plus 1 36. For a home team. But I will hedge By taking the Golden Knights to cover My thought, is Canadians win close or Vegas wins bag. And I guess my hedges more the Canadians on the money line. Because I'm I look at and I went back and re watch the golden game too. And if you watched game to let me know your thoughts at 5229872 Kind of felt like Group B..

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