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The house looking at it. What's the name of the US attorney? What's the name of the prosecutor those looking at it gives us name? There isn't any. Mr. Muller keeps going to Mr. Rosenstein. To expand his investigation. But he never asked to expand it where Russia is slapping. I'm right in the face. Now. Why is that? We know why it is. We know why it is. And I have gotten so concerned about this. I decided honestly, this is not a promotion, but you think about it. That on my FOX Sunday show. This is really where I can do it to reach the most people other than radio. My single guest. Is Sydney pound. Our caller called in and suggested we were already thinking about it. But I want to thank the caller anyway. She's a former assistant United States attorney. She served under nine different US attorneys, democrat and Republican appointed. And she has litigated against Andrew. Weisman. And you're going to learn more about how this special counsel's office operates and the invisible hand behind Muller and all the activities going on. Because what you see that happened to stone today? What you see that happened a manner for months ago also happened to the Enron executives to the Andersen? Executives to four Merrill, Lynch executives, and you're going to see what the supreme court ruled. You're going to see what some appellate courts ruled this guy. Weisman. Has been given more and more responsibilities. More and more power by Muller over the course of the last twenty years. Roger stone. Is not a serious person. He's a joke. He's a gossiper he stirs the you know what? He's easy pickings for prosecutor. Who chest out to do damage? And we should absolutely object to that as a people. If these guys can do this too powerful people to famous people, they will roll over you in two seconds. I a bankrupt you then they're out to destroy you. There is no reason for me to still be going after manifested in Washington DC. When it's got an arm long list. Of guilty decisions in Virginia. Where manager it's going to be spending an incredible amount of time in prison. Depending on his appeal. Roger stone in Florida today. He spoke to the American people. And when we come back, I want you to hear this many of you actually actually work during the day, and you didn't hear this those of you were listening. I wanna play this for you. I'll be right back. Mark Levin.

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