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Need to trust the institutions who are working here. And the year 2022, that ain't easy. Trust The White House, trust the WNBA, trust the NBA. You know, we are not in a place in our culture where people are prepared to do that. No matter who's telling us. You've got members of Congress out of Texas. You've got Sheila Jackson Lee and Colin allred, who are both democratic congresspersons in Texas. They are out there trying to raise the alarm. At the same time, you've got the United States Secretary of State, Anthony blinken, who, when he was asked about it specifically, did not use Brittany grinder's name. With regard to the individual you mentioned, there's only so much I can say given privacy considerations at this point. Let me just say more generally whenever an American is detained anywhere in the world, we of course stand ready to provide every possible assistance. And that includes in Russia. And that seemed pretty obviously deliberate that he knows if someone of his stature says it all of a sudden that's something somebody can, you know, that can go viral in Russia. We have an embassy team that's working on the cases of other Americans who are detained in Russia. We're doing everything we can to see to it that their rights are a problem respected. I've asked the people around Brittany, is she safe? And when I asked that question, you know, what I was told was, well, we feel there's a commitment to ensuring her safety. And it's very deliberately vague statement. But what I'm told is that they are comfortable with the engagement of The White House and the State Department and that they are not comfortable with what they're hearing from members of Congress. And so Britney greiner's wife, you know, the person closest to her, what has she said publicly if anything? Not much, she had an Instagram post a couple days after that story broke in the times and just said it was tough, but since then, she hasn't, she hasn't said anything publicly. So people close to grinder, tell me that on just this past Friday, there was a meeting with people from the WNBA from the union, Brittany grinders representatives and her wife and trying to get that message across that there is a strategy in play and that they feel it's the best one. That's the paradox. How do you spread the word that you got to be careful about spreading the word? Yeah, TJ, the question of how do you talk about a story that's worth talking about while the people involved in the story desperately don't want you to talk about it so that the story can finally actually be resolved, raises another question, which is how is it that Brittany griner and women's basketball in general.

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