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To be living their lives once they're retired in good places with the people, and that's really my perhaps mission. That's really the missing. Yeah. That's a great takeaway. No. And expand on that. Really? The thing I found fascinating. But the book was, you know. I see a lot of books written about military dogs, whether they're fiction or nonfiction type books, which is fantastic. Getting that message out getting those dogs back home get him in a good homes were there with their original soldier partners or whether it's another families fantastic. But as you mentioned the other first responders in the other dogs are involved. I don't see or hear a lot about that. No one. You're so many of them now, especially you know, with all of these natural disasters with the terrorist threat across the country. You know bomb sniffing dogs are in great demand. Drug sniffing dogs are in great demand for law enforcement searching rescue people. There's a fabulous group here in New England. I talk about in the book to that. You know, whenever somebody goes missing in the woods. People are always getting lost in the woods. Right. Hikers hunters children the elderly, and when they go missing not only do law enforcement and game wardens served their dogs. But there are volunteers who volunteer with their. Dogs writing drugs got enormous training. So that they can come out every call help find missing people. Absolutely. So all of need accolades because they do great work. And I love the one you mentioned about the was it fish game wildlife a fish smelling dog. I mean scratch my head permits. You know, that's true. That's. Dogs who catch poachers. That's right. And we need those dogs, and they work with game wardens and wildlife law enforcement all the time. And it's great because we people shouldn't be poaching. We need to save and preserve our wildlife, and these dogs help us do it. There you go. So big shout out to all the hardworking dogs, and all they require is just a good roof over the head and a Pat on the back in a lot of love, and they'll go out and do their work. Exactly. In a peanut butter Kong. That's right now, the better they fill NetCom stick it in the freezer, and then let them munch on that all day. That's that's a good one. All right. We're gonna come back raffish commercial breaks. We'll talk a little bit about more about the book borrowing of bones in little bit more about the writing styles. Everybody hang tight. We'll come back Rafferty's commercial breaks. You're listening to animal rights on pet. Life radio..

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