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All right. It's always good to have Dave Fleming on just Fleming could just talk about anything. Whether it's college football. College basketball. The Giants were gonna home in on the heat, Dante's and March Madness with flam who I believe is in Arizona, ready to call a game tonight. If my if my geographical information is correct, flim is indeed on the Yuma Gasana you down and Daisy. Good morning, Dave. Have ready would be the questionable term there, But I will be. I am here and I'm calling the game tonight. Where there. I'm ready to do it or not, is another thing. But I'm here. All right. We'll start with Giants and we'll move into March Madness a little bit. How about you? That was your first game Tuesday night, Right? There's your first Giants game, right? Yeah, It was tough, Tough. Welcome back, huh? Right. It wasn't the most beautiful baseball game ever played. It was like mad. Come on, guys. You gotta welcome me a little more nicely than this, but it was still great to be there. And you know, the funny thing about spring is is that even in a game like that, that was just A total mess. You find some stuff that deposit rates. Maranto was a positive there were some other so you know, some good things can still come out of a terrible spring training game. Yeah, I know you don't have the access that you guys had pre covert and hopefully you'll get back to it. But is there in talking just around the press box or just even in zooms or whatever you're Feel on the difference this spring in, you know, it's year two for Kapler here in year one was really weird because we were in a pandemic on do you know there's things like the depth of the organization with Farhaan, But there's also the defensive error count, and you know it's a little bit of question about the rotation. But what's the macro? Dave Fleming take after being down there and seeing these guys and talking to some people about how it's shaping up this spring. Yeah, I mean, it's a It's a That's a big question, but But here's what I would say You're right about the depth. You're right about. The thing that stands out to me is It feels like last year. This newer group and not not just, you know, far on who's not really new anymore, but still kind of putting his things in place, but more the coaching staff. You know, the new Group down on the field feels like last year. They were they were up to speed, but they were still trying to implement a lot of the stuff. Get it now they are. They're running with it. And so to me, it feels like a super efficient. Everybody's working. Everybody's sort of on the same page. So to speak about the types of things that they're working on that they're teaching the way they're working. I mean, I've heard it from everybody that I've talked to about. Wow. You know, pit man, This is this is upbeat and positive and fast paced, And there is a lot to do around here, which I think is a really good thing like, um, you know, spring training before sometimes can be a slaughter. And it sure doesn't feel that way to me. So I think you know the big picture macro for the Giants right now. Is a sense of purpose, like there is purpose with everything that they're doing, and whether that translates into championship yet is a whole nother question. But I really believe they have the plan in place to toe identify players make players better find the pieces that fit. How do they fit together? They're doing it and it's really, really impressive like I It's I don't know that I've ever seen a big league team a camp look and feel like that. So I, you know, I hope that does translate. They have some issues. They do. Um, you know, the defense is gonna be an issue, especially, I mean, if Brandon Crawford goes down At any point. The James defense is exposed big time and it's gonna cost him a bunch of games like they are just they're way way too thin. At that spot. Recio du Bon. God love him. I mean, he's got way better as a hitter, but you know, the other day after the game, he made a couple errors. And he said something like, Well, you know, that's okay. Just To me, Martin. Mauricio. No, like he is. They're asking a lot of him. But, um, he's a young guy. He needs to prove he can play shortstop and be that back up. That sort of, you know, emergency option. Crawford get suffer some sort of injury. That is, That's a point of worry for me. Maranto was a big bright spot the other night because the bullpen you know the kid New Year's that they really loved his herd. And probably it's gonna miss a bunch of time. And the relief from the right side is a little bit of a worry for me with death, but Moron to being back would be huge. Um, you know, the other thing that stands out? I know I'm just rambling here. Love it. Give any time. The other thing that stands out to me is Yesterday. Austin's later played center field again and that you know, it's sort of quietly happening. Nobody's you know, talking that much about it, but I believe there is a real chance. That Boston. Slater is playing a lot of innings in center field. If he can stay healthy, his bad every time he's in there every time he's in there, even in the spring games he's given good at that. And if they can find a way to get him or those of bats in center field, then I think they're going to do it. So to me, that's a story to watch for this last week and a half, like Is he healthy? Which has always been an issue for him, But above and beyond that, can he hang out there? Does he look even reasonably comfortable out there? Because if so, I think you're gonna see a lot of Boston's later in center field. All right, good stuff. Good talking points. Good overview, and I liked it like the macro Dave. So what we'll do is we'll leave that there. It's two weeks away. And let's roll up our sleeves man because college hoops it's here, Baby March madness and you've got to call so many games and I'd love to pick your brain on some of these teams you've seen Let's start in the West. Or Gonzaga is the one seed. How many's X games Did you do this year? All of them. 33. Yes, I mean, I don't know, but a lot, you know, maybe maybe 12 or something like that. That make you fall in love with him. Yeah, they're hard not to love. They're the most fun team to watch the most beautiful team to watch their super talented. I think it's his best team, although it's a different team than the one teach had before, Um And there there that they should be the favorite. They are the favorites and they got to me. They got a very favorable draw in the West not to say that they can't lose. That's the beauty of the tournament. That's why we love the brackets because anybody.

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