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Fame and your power to manipulate your fans It always comes down to like all these people that have been like I don't think you can say everybody's just been saying like sa. Like i don't. I just don't get it. It's all been like fans cycle. What point where we had like tons of fans like that. I could never see myself like interacting with fans in that way because like you said why would you even risk it. Everything connor. You're kind of a down. Say lease baggy guy. Make you tell me on. This woman just comes out you like god i just i love your show so much. And then she's like kind of putting out a little bit and trying to well. First of all i want you would one in track. I know i feel like at that. Situation it's different than like crista leah. Who was like diaw. Younger girls On his own all the time asking for photos asking to meet up assets. It's different to say that like stars or or actors or or peep. Internet stars have never like interacted with like sexually with a fan. That was like. I don't think he should 'cause it could come off like but if they like approach to you i feel like that's different than you approaching them and then like honest unsolicited. You know what i mean. Yeah like hey. I'm the person you like watching Well and then too. It's it's really odd. When these guys they they don't look into like their age or they do know their age and they're going to ignore it completely but there's almost no excuse to find out what somebody is ages. And what do you do when you normally date. You're all the one your first questions ever is like. So how old are you. Yeah why the whole the whole argument of like i didn't know bullshit. no bullshit. They lied like well..

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