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Review In the ruling was something that they were utterly unprepared for. And it's i don't think that anyone have predicted anything other than a decisive dismissal. Of the case who was watching the oral arguments who was watching closely at the claims that the trump campaign was Pleading court but the way the kind of careful You be careful in disarray. shin Heard of each and every argument brought forth the court however involving a that. It was a i. I always tell folks on twitter always read the footnotes and there was a very salient one. Where again i i mentioned earlier. He addressed the trump campaign's argument that because of this massive a problem in pennsylvania elections systems. Which is mitch amounts to an equal protection violation. You should invalidate the presidential election but only the presidential election and he says in a footnote that curiously cletus claim that they will seek to only enjoys in certification of the presidential elections. They suggest that the requested relief would thus not interfere with other election results in the state but even if it were logically possible double pennsylvania's electoral system both constitutional and unconstitutional. At the same time. The court would not do so so this is a very careful decision. This is a very stinging decision. And i you rudy. Giuliani t. The trump campaign has expressed that they are going to appeal. I haven't seen evidence of appeal yet There as this morning maybe it happened as we speak. But if they do. I don't think any serious observer of what's going on thanks. Any of those appeals have legs. So you can appeal because this is my final question for you because they dismissed He he dismissed this In his conclusion motion to dismiss a first amended complaint are granted with prejudice. So can you. If they're allowed to appeal what is the with prejudice for. It just means can't bring it again in this court on camping. It began before him. So that's that's the end of The case before judge brand and in the middle district of bamieh You know they're people. If they were to appeal miss it would have landed in the third circuit. And a lot of people who cover the courts. Including me. Including i'd say brad heath was looking for a copy of whatever notice of appeal and can white We're looking for evidence that they're actually doing these things. They say that they're going to do. And as of yet That hasn't happened and it's usually a pretty quick process is particularly. if you're expecting. You may lose of very high profile case you want to be prepared to fill out a form pretty quickly and had some papers ready So we'll see if the trump team has said many things in in front of cameras that or in press statements that wind up not happening like saying they're alleging fraud. Rudy giuliani at one. Point said to the judge this is not a fraud case and another term campaign lawyer in arizona. Use that exact thing procession of words. This is not a fraud case so what. they say. They're going to do what they say they're going to allege doesn't always wind up happening we'll see if there is an appeal But i don't know love any serious legal observer who thinks that the result of any appeal will be any different than what happened on saturday night and judge. Brian sorta preempted. That i think didn't he didn't mention a something that had already gone into the third circuit. That was like this. That was shut down. Right he noted that the third circuit these issues before. And you know you can. The trump campaign constantly says we're going to take this all the way to the supreme court won't that presupposes that the supreme court will grant your petition for cert. So there's the question of whether you will file your whether your appeal will be heard this and whether you have any controversy at a will have any traction whatsoever in the pelicans israel different questions. Well i highly recommend if you're feeling blue if you're feeling down if you need a little pick me up read this opinion. It is It's it's easy to understand it's well written it's got a nice flow to it You'll you'll especially crack up when he when the judge goes through the history of how they got there in two short weeks and all of the lawyers who quit and tried to leave the plaintiff side. It's it's really really absolutely a feel good story if you're if you're into court documents which which you and i are adam everyone. Please check out adam class. Felt if you if you want to know what's going on in any of these cases or or follow live tweeting of the courtroom adam. Classifieds twitter is the best for that. So i appreciate you coming on today. Your senior investigative reporter and editor of law and crime. Congratulations on that new position by the way formerly of courthouse news adam class felt. I appreciate your time. Thank you. I appreciate you. Having a great day everybody stick around..

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