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Like this again Someone else fucking yell at me today. Jesus Christ well that is over one thing too that Americans as well were you able to shrug that stuff off you know. Yes the Americans you know when you're filming so compartmentalize you can walk off and have a cough like you check out whatever. Check out for a minute and you have to do that. Hard thing for a really concentrated amount of time a finite amount of time there's something going to replay it just like reliving it and reliving every living. Ah Yeah Yeah I mean maybe maybe. That's why I'm not like a true true because there was a certain point where I was like just felt like a and it was the nature of that play anyway. Mike character punching bag on being yelled at constantly. I was just like I do think there's something energetically to it. You can't be yelled at at a certain point. I was like the fucking back. Now Yeah did. Jj Director Star Wars. Yes we did it so it was all over. The world was an England where was in in London and in Pinewood where they shot the original. Oh were you a star wars person. The original totally you are. I can't imagine you've ever worked on anything that had that scaled. How did it? I mean mission impossible's obviously huge but star wars. That's like it's just the biggest I ever to be the biggest circus ever and the amount of artistry and creativity and money that goes into every little. It's kind of the way they used to make movies John Huston movie or one of those movies where you go and you just you're gonna GonNa live somewhere for a year and you're gonNA dive in and you know even when I was fifteen in doing big Disney movies like honey. I shrunk the kids it was sort. SORTA the same. You'd have to go into a costume fitting. It was on a lot now. It's all sort of cobbled together in a great way to independent film and they don't make movies like that anymore and star yours is so that I would be flown into four or five fittings in they would die the fabrics. Then go no should be this and we should have this medal able to create this. It was so it's a real creative thing instead of time travel and you're inexperienced that just doesn't really exist doesn't they. Had the best of all worlds. Because I wasn't on it all the time so what I did is I would fly in. Matthew was doing a project in Northern Ireland. We had all the kids. Is it like this great house grab all around and then I would fly in on my own for like two nights had like a great hotel room. It's a fancy. Dinner is how is so nice and then go back to the grading back to the grind three-year-old yelling. We everyone screaming at each other and then I I would do two weeks somewhere and I went back just before Christmas and did my other two weeks so it was. Oh One and you've seen it I haven't i. I have the opportunity to see it tomorrow night but I'm like do I want to see it was like four people. Do you WanNa see star wars with four people want to see with an audience. Yes yes yes. Is it exciting. It is fun you know because it's the first thing that my twelve year old legitimately thinks cool right and by the way not Ativan that cool. He's like Let's cool thanks. We have the kids could care less Christians and frozen so that's just the nature of the nature of the beast. How old are yours now? Foreign six bucks Cernan five and a couple of weeks so four five and six well. What's the birthday December nineteenth because I have a December twenty seven? Oh you do. And she doesn't quite yet understand. What a like? She actually just said to me waiting for my birthday so I'd like to do this but no one's coming. No one's in town especially in New York City Great. We'll see what we can work out. Yeah so mine's January second which is terrible. It's bad birth but at least they'll diseases before things worse to have it just after Christmas you just got. Ah We're done. We have fatigue. James Second. People just made their New Year's resolutions. They don't drink they don't want to eat they want like they're supposed to be at the fucking workout Kaushik four hour fitness instead of medicine. That's right okay. I won't last question. This is a question from my wife. Okay when I said I was coming to talk do you today. She wants to know if you've gotten thin shamed over your career thin shamed yet if you've gotten accused of having eating disorders and stuff over your career. There was a time when I remember someone saying she looks really skinny. But you know what I am a thin like Joe. Yeah and you you know when I get stressed out I get skinny like when I was going through my divorce. I got really skinny. Ah Yeah so but it seems like people can't win in any way it's like okay so nothing that you really are like just stop evaluating my weight nothing like where you felt like it was not troublesome to you not troublesome I mean I'm not visible enough in a great way back to what we started this conversation. I never had social anxiety. I'm an extrovert. I loved going parties. I love talking to people in holding in court and certainly over the last seventeen years or whatever I've developed social anxiety I too will go to a bathroom and just fucking sit in there for like forty five minutes. Let's say twenty five people at some big party. I just start getting really uncomfortable and a couple of different times of Kristen. I've started in the bathroom. And I'm in there for forty eighty five minutes and then they just leave out the back door and texter. I've walked back to the hotel like you can take the car. I've walked back up done that. Probably a half dozen times so enact started it is an extrovert. So it's interesting. Yeah I think even if you aren't extroverted can be uncomfortable so I can't imagine your favorite thing is yet to be recognized. Maybe I have to say. I'm pretty lucky. Like people are generally pretty nice to me. Yeah Yeah you know for the most part. We'll you certainly delivered into my expectations because we had that great interaction action at the night before party. I really interact getting Dr Ongoing. She is so she talked way too much. I adore like her and Chris and I both were like well. She's Goddamn lovely is against and then we fell in love with Americans for that so it was all just icing on the cake and We wish you luck with this movie. I doubt it will do very well. But Star Wars the rise of Skywalker December twentieth or having bring the Ken down. Yeah I adore you and You know everything was true. She was really with Tony. Monica owning and now my favorite part of the show the the fact check with my soul mate Monica Batman welcome to carry fact check..

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