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Boy. Well, there's so many different angles to go out there. But you know for somebody I hope this guy can't even get get started. Basically, I don't even know him or we don't want to know him. But, you know, I mean, uh, He's just trying to start something that so many damn followers will follow you. I mean, I can't believe that so many people they so naive toe follow somebody like this particular guy Well, And it was all in the same conversation by the way that Bob Dylan was there, too. So let's go ahead and we'll play that one, too. And Justin, just so you'll you'll also know who this is Ji. Are you familiar with who Bob Gambling is? The name ring a bell? No. Okay. You know you've pricing the Paterson gamelan film is what it's called. But you know, when you've seen that footage of that Bigfoot that walks across The woods. Never seen that very famous video film. Yeah, I'm sure that that's what I'm pretty certain I know what you're referring to. Okay? Okay, So when so the guy that they got that his name's Bob gambling When you see when you see the Bigfoot look right at the camera. That's when he's looking right at this guy. That's about to talk here. He's Still alive. He's great guy. He is loved by all and this is what he had to say. Usually he would come in here and but he's he's sleeping. So they're here you go. Bazaar is all it is, is a money thing. It's just a money thing. And that Oklahoma, Texas who were the Bigfoot or pre a.

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