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I i don't want to like i don't know but she probably loves that but but it it just just to totally convincing to me and when she was the some of her vocal sound a little too lana del rey influence to me and obviously you know that's probably where this is coming from i mean llanos kind of like the first one at least to be successfully like be a pop singer with those trap influence which at this point is like kind of like a five year old trend so yeah i'm kind of a on deep end but i like hard ran i think it's almost easier to be a fan of these songs especially deep end if you're not a huge fan of her to begin with which is i think that you'd be argued really good for most artists whenever they have like a pretty stark sonic shift like if you're if you've been a die hard fan forever of what they do and you want more of that it's harder to accept something new and like for me who's been a casual listener it's like it's easier to just stop on the train with this i think that's a very good point that reminds me of like liz fair which i guess i'm thinking about it because she has the the guy ville issue and we interviewed her i remember when why can't i breathe came out and everyone was like crying sellout in how bad it was but like honestly like that song as so good it's amazing song but like you see why people thought that because she was like the indy queen and then she's doing this song ever levin but like but yeah no i see what you're saying like ab it's coming into this with the wrong expectations for me.

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