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And in some cases, probably the the paid assassins, just took the money and ran and it became a comedy of errors and this bunch. Now also include Santo traffic Conti who was the head of the mob. I hear all these names on JFK's assassination Lee will get into that tonight to and and so this group of misfit band of assassins is sitting around hotel suites in Miami. They're going down to watch Frank Sinatra in the COPA room, and you know, and really not getting a lot of work done and the whole thing became a debacle. And Johnny was furious. He they had a serious mission here and serious purpose. And these gangsters unfortunately found himself in collaboration with basically a bunch of. Yeah. They bought the whole thing. Yeah. And. Quickly, add, you know, came it was a disaster and Cuban missile crisis came, but Johnny. Washington. They decided, you know, this was a mess. They cancelled what they had started. But still they wanted Bobby Kennedy and others high up still wanted to take a shot at this and Johnson himself, you know, in phase two of his salvation plan. This time he became leapt up with a legendary CIA man named Bill Harvey who was considered the JAMES BOND of of CIA, although he looked Leslie JAMES BOND more like William Conrad in canon. Yeah. And now Johnny and the CIA as top rogue Asian became leaders of new plot to assassinate Castro the basically never gave up. Did they even though Castro outlived everybody? That's right. You know, they they they formed a down in Florida where a lot of this resistance, you know, and subversive operation was happening. They were training snipers and training. Various rebels to to be infiltrated and Johnny himself took some of these Cuban rebel fighters across to Cuba from the Florida Keys under watch the armed patrols by Cuban navy boats, and it was a wild eyrie thing. But meanwhile, the the White House got into a standoff with Russia. And so that we none of us blue each other, you know, off the planet..

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