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Or not. We talked representative lauren. Underwood about her mom notice. Bill what do you think of. you know. Trying to legislate approaches to health in public health as of a broad sweeping approach to ensuring that black maternal life and the children who come from it are preserved. I mean i think we have to be attacking this issue from all sides and from in in a bunch of different ways until one of them is what we call them. Public health big p. policy rates. So things like the mom knows bill. Which doesn't incredible things to really baked into the system equity and opportunities for For birth equity. We also have to be thinking about little policy. Meaning what's happening in our healthcare systems and at the organizational level and then we also have to be thinking about this at our community level rate and thinking about. What is it that we can do in our own backyard. And what is it that we can do. I mean today tomorrow because we know policy change takes a long time one big piece of the puzzle that we've seen happen are it'll get put in place over. The past. few years is just the attention by the popular. Press in the media to this issue. And i think that's incredibly important in its leverage policy. It's leverage resources. And you know it's also created a space for my scholarship. The scholarship of other. You know incredible folks across the country. Who are really naming the root cause of these maternal outcomes and that's racism and so i think what we have to do is be willing to continue to name racism as a fundamental cause for these maternal. And we have to be thinking about you know just as we just talked about the fact that we have to be Engaging in this work at the paul big policy level across the board. It's going to require undoing. Racism dismantling racism at all levels. My grandmother was an incredible person and she died of what i consider race related medical malpractice. Where she should have been diagnosed years before she was with colon. Cancer Based on just everyday protocols but she was given antacids for her pain. And there's a lot of research showing that black pain is not treated the same way that pain in white patients is treated And she passed away from what could have been curable. You also had an experience watching your grandmother. Navigate healthcare system. Can you tell us about it. And what lessons you've taken away from it. Schorr sue I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother and we. We certainly share that experience that lived experience of watching someone. We love mistreated by a system..

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